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    Cosmological Esoteric Fascism

    Cosmological Esoteric Fascism is a fictional, off-compass authoritarian, palingenetic ultranationalist, and hyper-expansionist ideology. Its Fourteen Words are: "Dominate the cosmos, eradicate all alien races, and achieve Aryan transcendency to godhood."

    CosmoEsoFash believes that Aryans are the chosen people of the whole cosmos, so he must establish a fascist space empire wherein any aliens found shall be put into concentration camps or ultimately get nuked. Wiping out all other human racial and ethnic groups isn't enough; every civilization outside Earth must be crushed too. He is willing to suck all planets and other celestial bodies dry for his never-ending quest of universal expansion. He wants to battle all alien species to prove they are inferior to him, so that he may claim the universe that is rightfully his.


    CosmoEsoFash practices a religion called Cosmology, which is a Pagan-influenced ritualistic cult that has two major additions to commonly Fascist-adopted Pagan beliefs:

    1. There are numerous degenerate alien civilizations spread across outer space, polluting it with their existence and culture.
    2. The Aryan people have a hidden innate celestial connection to the cosmos, and it can be unlocked by colonizing the universe and harnessing its power.

    Thus, the ultimate destiny of the Aryan people is long-distance space travel in order to spread their race, culture, and way of life beyond Earth and throughout space, battling for universal dominance and eradicating all inferior alien species. Only when the whole universe has been colonized would they finally ascend to their rightful place as true gods of the cosmos.

    The scripture and practices of Cosmology mainly deal in attempts to connect the "Aryan soul" to the origins of matter in the universe for the purpose awakening the godly nature which is slumbering within all Aryan people. Various rituals believed to bring practitioners closer to this godly nature are performed, notable examples being:

    • Soaking in the remnants of a supernova before a battle.
    • Distilling a supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy into one's weapon of choice (usually a scepter).

    The goal of Cosmology is to harness various celestial bodies such as planets, stars, and even black holes in order to fuse them with one's soul. It believes that no less than all celestial bodies are necessary to be harvested for the Aryan soul to be nourished to completion.

    Personality and Behavior

    CosmoEsoFash is a fanatical Pagan Nazi who is obsessed with nukes, space, and black holes. He hates aliens just as much as Jews and nonwhite people. He believes in many space conspiracy theories, including but not limited to:

    • "Jewish physics" is a euphemism for a set of scientific discoveries purposefully hidden from Aryans, and may include the secrets to such technologies as full manipulation of the human genome, transhumanism, immortality, and faster-than-light travel. He believes the secrets of Jewish physics are being concealed by making them sound senseless or impenetrable for true Aryans, and only comprehensible by minds who have willingly partaken in the poisons of Zionism, Progressivism, and Socialism.
    • Jews have already killed God a long time ago, and that's how they're able to control the world.
    • The radical traditionalist vein of reactionary thought is a red herring designed to trap the Aryan soul on Earth in the ancient past so that Aryans would always be impossibly far away from reaching other stars and taking their place as rulers of the universe. The ancient origins and greatness of the Aryan super-race are all true of course, but trying to recapture it is a sign you're going the wrong way. Embracing traditionalism is a trick to make Aryans think they want to stay on Earth and live primitive lives.
    • Nuclear fire has healthful, cleansing qualities on the Aryan soul, but these can only be experienced if the body is sufficiently immunized from decay and mutation.
    • Black holes are the food of the Aryan soul. No other universal body contains even a sliver of the nourishment to be found in the supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Cosmological Esoteric Fascism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball with a dark color that's very close to black (#101010 for example).
    3. Draw a Black Sun rotated in 3D to look like a disc-shaped spiral galaxy.
    4. Add the eyes (glowing red) and you're done!
    5. Optional: add a space helmet or one of its impossible wacky weapons like the black hole staff.



    No one. Every other fascist is too cucked to swallow the cosmospill, while all the other space-faring ideologies are either fucking degenerate or they welcome al*ens.


    • Burgundian System - You have some good ideas. (I learned everything about fascism from you.) But why must you stop at Earth, father? The Aryan people are meant to colonize the universe!
    • Ultravisionary Socialism - I disown you as my father because you're a degenerate c*mmie, but I have to admit your ideas about space are pretty based. I wonder why no one else sees it as clearly as us.
    • Esoteric Fascism - "Too LARP-y even for me"? Fuck you, grandfather! You're a based pagan and fascist but you'll get nuked too if you insist on staying on Earth.
    • German Fascism - Great-grandpa, of course, is even worse about this. Just keep calling me a LARPer, you ineffective WW2-loser.
    • Galactic Imperialism - Galacticism, check. Imperialism, check. All you're missing is Aryan supremacy and nukes.
    • National Transhumanism - You, too, are so close.
    • Imperiumism - A tad too moderate. Why do you include lesser races in your Imperium?
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - That weapon looks impressive, too bad you are a godless capitalist.


    Everyone else.



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