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    Correctism is the ideology against you. Yes, specifically you. No other person on earth. Just you. The person reading this page right now.

    Think about it for a second.

    You, most likely scrolling through this wiki, have no other way to pass the time. That is acceptable. However since you are looking specifically through the polcompball community, that either means you like this community among all the other ones, or all the other communities dont accept your beliefs. Have you evern wondered why?

    You have most likely made a self insert, like most of the active people on this wiki. If I had any experience with self inserts, then its clear that most of them are complete extremist bullshit. Like Matmaj, with their government wanting to eradicate existence himself, Sabkv, with her Anarcho Hivemind Collectivism, Oiboioi (who was banned recently) for wanting to create a fucking nazi hre, and The Cursed Particle Which Shall Not Be Named for wanting to ban extremely specific things like cheese, coffee, sex and religion. You look at these and you say "Ah yes! This is exactly what I am and I am proud of that" no shit other communities dont accept you.

    Now I know this is a bit wierd from someone who calls themselves a titoist, a pretty radical ideology, however I think we could all do ourselves the favour of taking a break from the internet and all these ideologies and just getting a normal social life. especially the ones mentioned above.

    And if you dont, remember, you're literally hitler and this wiki is literally 1984.

    Oh yeah the ideology, almost forgot. Pretty uhhh... big rant above.

    The ideology as described is specficially against you. The complete of your ideology. He has a social life, he has kids and a loved one, as well as a functional family. Despite being completely opposite you he is also fairly apolitical, he much rathers spending time with other people. Just a cool guy to hang around with. Unlike you, you introverted freak. No offence.

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