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    Announcement from Turkic Corpotarist

    We're sinking



    Personally, I think that the best Sinan Oganeconomic system is corpotarism. The whole world saw communism. It killed many people from famine. I think capitalism will not work in Turkey, where I live, in other words, in the west, Greece, in the east, Armenia, in the north, Russia, in the south, the terror nest, the middle east, so one of the foreign issues, capitalism does not work in Turkey.


    I am not diplomatically imperialist, even anti-imperialist. I want Atatürk to fulfill the principle of peace at home, peace in the world.


    Democracy is the most used form of government in today's world and I support it, but some restrictions should be made on freedom of expression, things like insults should be banned in freedom of expression and it should be considered a crime, but I don't want a one-party regime.

    Prohibition of insults

    Cursing while criticizing politically is a real law in Turkey today. You cannot swear while criticizing Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the President.


    I'm a progressive and I don't like many reactionaries and I don't like to support any conservative political party, even I would like conservative political parties to be shut down.


    I'm not a Muslim and I don't like Islam either. I don't like Koranic Shiite Sunni Alevis. Islam should not be politicized in Turkey and even ideologies like Islamism and Milli Gorus should be banned.

    LGBTQ Rights




    Gun Ownership


    Health Care


    European Union














    • Kemalism- My humble body will surely be soil one day, but the Republic of Turkey will stand firm forever.
    • Corporatism-The most successful system!
    • İttihadism-Enver Pasha has flaws in military matters, but his nationalism cannot be discussed.
    • Nationalism-O Turkish youth, your first duty is to preserve and defend the Turkish independence and republic forever.
    • Feminism-If Iike Feminism, let men die, let women live. I do not support feminism but Feminism is like, "men and women are equal". I support feminism.
    • Ecevitism - I like Ecevit, he is a good man, he is a former CHP member and I can say that he is one of the golden periods of CHP.
    • Lipostocracy - Based.


    • Liberalism-I'm not against liberalism (even I want more genuine liberal parties) I don't think it will work in my geography today
    • Capitalism- Same as above
    • Socialist Kemalism You are also a Kemalist, yes, but you do not support joining NATO and the European Union. Atatürk is a pro-Europeanist and Socialism does not work.
    • Liberal Kemalism-You are better than the one above, European Kemalist, but liberalism...


    • Fascism-OH GET OUT GET OUT
    • Nazism- Ismet Inonu didn't develop good relations with you because he supports you
    • Marxism-Your theory has already killed so many people, and are you still trying to revolutionize?
    • Erdoganism-No one will forget what the Muslim reactionary president did
    • FETÖ-Fuck you, you're not a moderate muslim july 15 will not be forgotten
    • Democratic Confederalism-"Kurdish Nationalists" who killed many people in the East, even Kurds, go live on the mountain and never come down from that mountain again.
    • Marxism–Leninism-The artificial famine ideology that has killed millions of people.



    Brazilian Liberalism I'm not an Anti-Liberalist and I don't have much in common with your ideology.
    Pantheonism Not bad except monarchism
    Tiberius Thought Neutral on Capitalism and Liberalism Negative on Authoritarianism MiškaismA communist but also loves Atatürk
    Neo-Glencoeism Pretty interesting non-ironic state Liberal and Neoconservative

    Progressive nationalist very much like me, but hates democracy.


    Bourgeoisie destroyerism Your ideology never sleeps with me, Anarchist primitivist socialist
    MugiKotobuki8814ism Funny nazi man go hang yourself.
    Cheese Communism You communists must be used to calling every nationalist fascist, besides, not everyone is Muslim in Turkey, and Islam has made us Arabs.
    Neo-Murba Funny communist I just only like your nationalist thoughts
    Ganzism Almost my opposite I don't know how you become an anarchist and ethnonationalist at the same time
    Uberglowism Minarcho Socialist terrorist sympathizer? it couldn't be worse

    -Anyone who supports HDP is gay
    Aceffism A world federalist and a Libertarian? It's so utopian.



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