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    Corona Denierism believes that the Corona Virus is a hoax from the government. While it is Nonquadrant.png Non-Quadrant there's a huge leaning to the PCB-Trad.png Cultural Right Wing. Many people who follow this are generally very distrustful of the government in general. This movement is also closely tied to the Antivac.png Antivac movement.


    This ideology started to arise at the start of 2020 and the start of the Covid pandemic. It was considered a small disorganized movement in the whole world tho mainly the Cball-US.png USA. While at the start of the pandemic the movement had a good size with even figures like the US president at that time Trumpism.png Donald Trump supporting it the longer and obviously it got that the Virus wasn't fake most people abandoned the movement and mainly jumped on the Antivac.png Antivac movement. Nowadays there's only a very very small group that still believes that the Corona Virus is fake and just a big hoax.

    Personality and Behavior

    PCB-Corona Denierism Icon.png Corona Denierism likes to hang out with other conspiracy theorists like Flatearthf.png Flat Earthism. He's also very anti-authoritarian and rebellious. He also likes to break any corona regulations and ignores social distancing, masks and not staying inside. He often get's in trouble for set behavior. He also likes protesting infront of government buldings with signs that say stuff like "STOP CORONA HOAX".

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it out with grey.
    3. Draw a small white circle and fill that circle out with white.
    4. Draw a Corona Virus inside set circle.
    5. Draw a red circle around the white one and make a straight line over the white circle and then you're done.



    • Flatearthf.png Flat Earthism - While I'm not sure about the flat earth stuff we truthseakers have to stick together!


    • CoroAcc.png Corona Accelerationism - Corona doesn't exist! At least you oppose the lockdown and Covid measurements.
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - You supported me at the beginning but why did you change your mind!!


    • Covidism-icon.png Covidism - No I will not follow your dumb rules to protect me from something that doesn't even exists!

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