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    Not to be confused with Corona Denierism.

    Corona Accelerationism short Co/Acc is the idea of intentionally accelerating the spread of Corona, usually in order to make everyone immune and stop the corona crisis, though there are other reasons for wanting to spread it. While this ideology is Non-Quadrant in reality most people who support this idea are often culturally right.


    Corona Accelerationism wants to accelerate the spread of the Coronavirus. It believes that this will result in people getting immune against the Corona virus thus making Corona practically extinct.

    Some methods of spreading corona include giving other people your spit, kissing a Covid patient or just any close body contact with a person who has Covid.

    A mild follower of this ideology includes famous conservative Tucker Carlson. He similar to many conservative want to spread and give each other the virus mainly because they argue that beating the Covid naturally is healthier and results in a better immunity than if you took the vaccines. This idea is often tied with the anti-vax movement.

    Egoistic Corona Spreaders

    Most people who subscribe to this idea usually do it for selfish reasons. The most common reason is that people intentionally catch corona just so they don't have to worry about it again and got the whole stuff over with.

    School in Rexburg, Idaho, Incident

    On late 2020 in a school in Rexburg, Idaho, there's been a big spike of corona cases which comes from students intentionally infecting themselves with the Corona virus. They did that so they can sell their plasma when they recovered which usually contains COVID-19 antibodies.[1]


    Pointing down the history of this idea is nearly impossible. It's likely that multiple people in different places had the same/similar idea. While it's difficult to pin down the start it's rather easy to find examples. Throughout 2019 to the present date people have supported this idea more or less. From early examples when conservative pundits have called out to get the virus to more modern examples when on early 2022 when the Czech singer Hana Horká died of Corona after getting the virus intentionally through her son and husband who caught it during christmas.[2]


    There are a bunch of critiques against the ideas of spreading the virus. Most of them are based on scientific evidence though a few are based on Moralism.


    The main argument is that even if you survive Corona the first time, the antibodies you have in your body only give you some protection against a reinfection and that the risk of being reinfected still exists substantially. Thus purposefully infection yourself and spreading it is more of a risk rather than a good strategy to beat the virus. It's not even guarantied that reinfection is tame.[3]


    Another argument is that now that vaccines and boosters exist, the "strategy" to purposefully infect and spread Corona has become obsolete anyway because you can get a safer and better immunity through the developed vaccines.[4]

    End doesn't justify the means

    Even if one would assume that corona could be defeated by this idea, a lot of people would still oppose it by saying that the end doesn't justify the means. The end here refers to a post-covid world and the means are the millions of people that died because of Corona. The argument is that human lives are more valuable than a post-covid world with a lot of casualties.

    Personality and Behavior

    Corona Accelerationism is very obnoxious. Always runing around spitting in peoples face and being hyperactive most of the time. He likes to play with his friends Autism, Poop Accelerationism and Kakistocracy. While most balls stay far away from him, many Rightists and other balls ask him for his spit so they can get Covid from him. He gets really aggressive if someone tries to put a mask on him and ignores rules that Covidism has put up. He and his sibling get along very well though he sees his sibling as a egoistic rudeball.

    How to draw

    Flag of Corona Accelerationism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Add a light grey.
    3. Add three arrows the first and third one in red and the second one in orange.
    4. Add red triangular shapes and orange dots on it to make it look more like a virus (optionally you can also add 1-3 yellow dots to make it more accurate to the real virus).
    5. Add some eyes.
    6. (Optional) Add some small Covid balls similar to the one you already drawn around it.
    7. Congrats, you're done.



    Accelerationism - NYOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!
    Bio-Posadism - Gotta infect 'em all!
    Carlsonism - Great guy honestly! Thanks to him more people got Covid!
    Conspiracism - Thanks for converting people to my cause!
    Poop Accelerationism - We both like to spread nice things around!


    Conservatism - We have ups and downs in our relationship.
    Corona Denierism - CORONA EXISTS!!! Tho you still help me spread Covid so um thanks...
    Egoistic Corona Spreadism - We're basically the same and I get along with you. I still think you're a egoistic rudeball!
    Trumpism Thanks for spreading Corona so much in your country but why did you sponsored the development of the vaccine ):
    Utilitarianism - You could argue for my case... but you could also argue against it...


    Covidism - I don't wanna wear a mask! Leave me alone, literally 1984!
    Gerontocracy - I don't care if you die! Just accept it!
    Ingsoc - Lockdown policies be like...
    Moralism - I don't care if a few old people die why can't you understand that!!!
    Paternalism - Come on, you really don't have to protect the people from me!
    Vaccinism - I'm a better method at achieving a post-covid world than you!
    Virus Totalitarianism - We have to stop Covid or this might happen...



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