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    I saw some weird fascists editing on this page and doing stuff with out my permission. I would like to point out 2 things. One, this ideology is not gay, SJW is illegal (de only rule) and 2, this is no longer my ideology. You can check out my self insert, Liuanism, or my alternative self insert Neo-Semism

    Coressionism is the ideology of Liuan. It believes that one should be liberated and join together capitalism and communism. They like to say swear words, upsetting teachers and adults, but he doesn't like saying the n-word.

    Ideological Ideas

    Coressionism believes in State Capitalism and Capitalist Communism, but also likes the ideas of Swearism. When he is of kid, he upsets a lot of the adults and teachers due to the fact that he swears all the time, but when he is adult, he his disliked by kids due to the fact that he keeps 'fucking them' with words. He doesn't like Authority and favors Liberty, and is centrist in the Ageist Compass. Sometimes he can be moderate with Moderate Coressionism or sometimes as Anarchism with Anarcho-Coressionism and sometimes authoritarian as Alt-Cor.


    Coressionism is very serious, but sometimes says jokes and can be funny. He always says swear words, whether he is mad, sad, happy, serious, cautious, or carefree, and doesn't care who hears him. However, he is anti-racist, and doesn't like the n-word.

    History (Of this page)

    This page was originally called Soroism but apparently this User:BirdShagger44 who is a fucking nazi scum said thats juden (i wish i could vandalise him so bad) so i changed the name to Coressionism.



    • Swearism - YEAH WITH THE SWEAR! But you do like saying the n-word but we can look past that
    • Liuanism - Me but with WAYYYYYYYYYYY More anarchism and moderatism. GREAT!


    • CapCom - Enough with the Authority already
    • Mulcentism - Capcom authoritarian instead of libertarian. Screw you.


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