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    Coop Classical Liberalism

    What Is Coop Classical Liberalism?

    Coop Classical Liberalism (CCLib) is an understanding of Classical Liberalism with an emphasis on decentralised worker cooperatives through Adam Smith's and David Ricardo's Socialist leanings , along with John Stuart Mill's support for the rise of worker coops. It believes in a Night-Watchmen or Minarchist State to limit government tyranny with Laissez-Faire Austrian School Economics / rejecting the later more anti-state Austrian Economists ( Murray N. Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe).


    Worker Cooperatives

    CCLib argues that Classical Liberals and Enlightenment Philosophers argued agaisnt absolute tyranny and supported liberty and property, therby concluding that decentralised worker cooperatives follow these principles. Worker's would all be horizontal and hold voluntary and democratic power within the firm, thus, opposing the tyranny of the employer, boss, or hierarchical work environment, along with allowing each worker to hold a share in the business, or ownership of property.

    Laissez-Faire Markets

    CCLib agrees that the best and most efficient market is one that that doesn’t rely on government intervention. The only intervention this ideology could accept is that of a mix of Austrian and classical economics where there is no intervention aside from breaking monopolies. This is done with the belief that untampered markets can maximize the power of small coops since there is not a centralized meddling figure in dealing with these businesses.

    Cultural Views

    Cultural Liberalism

    CCLib finds Cultural Liberalism to be it's cultural policy as its philosophy is liberal/minarchist.

    Environmental Views

    Government Views


    Enlightenment Allies

    Semi-Enlightenment People

    Anti-Enlightenment Foes

    Further Information


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