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    Coomerism is an ideology that elects a leader by being the most addicted to porn. He thinks that everyone obsessed with porn and sex should rule the world and everyone who isn't a coomer should be the lowest class in society. Please someone help him.


    Coomerism is always in his room watching porn and pervert stuff, his favorite subreddit is r/polcoomballs. He doesn't think of something that isn't porn causing him to be very antisocial and lonely.



    • Sexocracy - Where would I be without all this stuff to coom too? Probably doing something actually useful in my life
    • Virginocracy - Who needs friends and decent human interaction when you have porn?
    • Masochism - I like your stuff!
    • Monarchism - Prince Jefri is based.
    • Femboyism - I'm not gay, but.... If there's a hole, there's a goal~
    • Senatorialism - I love hentai!
    • E-Girl Feminism - Take my weeks salary, my queen!
    • Cuckism - I have seen your videos of your wife cheating while you were looking! Very good, continue like that!
    • Reddit - Thank you for creating r/polcoomball!
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - It's okay to like picrew.
    • Anonism - Tmw you collect jizz in bottles and post about your progress annually.
    • Black Sexocracy - ♪ I PUT THE NEW FORGIOS ON THE JEEP ♪


    • Simpism - Going too far eh. Do you actually mean it when you call her "queen" ?! lmao
    • Incelism - You are jut as sex-obsessed as me but why do you hate women?
    • - Basically me but an alcoholic and a masochist. Why are you so fucking gay?



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