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    You will be my wife.
    -The Uberist
    Cookpot-Uberism (or Uberism [But I can't use the name on this wiki, because someone stole my name for a generic capitalism ideology.]) is an ideology following the teachings of Cookpot Theory.

    Created by The Radical Uberist, a lonely nobody, Uberism is meant to create ideological freedom only restricted by reality itself to create the ultimate poltical singularity. This ideology is meant to Uberism as the amalgamation of everything 'based' and 'realistic'.

    Uberism is located nowhere on the political compass since it defies all kinds of political theory, including the political compass.


    Birth of Uberism

    Uberism was created in 1995 and 2020 at the same point in time. Possessing the Ubermanns body ever since it has awoken, it is now working to establish a name for itself.

    Foundations and Beliefs


    Uberism advocates against all forms of Nihilism. Even going as far as to call everything that isn't extremist to be Nihilism. Uberism blames the existence of Moderatism and all moderate ideologies on Nihilists, because they and the Radical Centrists forcibly fused themselves with extremes to create borderline-nihilistic versions of themselves that won't have enough willpower to resists the status quo.


    'Political Theory is the root to all evil' to quote the Uberist.

    He argues that political theory is used by the people he calls 'Theorists' to undermine the human spirit and control the masses by implanting them with centrist and nihilist ideals over generations. Thus he calls for the abolishment of theory like "The Political Compass, The Overton Window, The Status Quo, The Principle of Wackies" and the """peaceful""" removal of Theorists.


    Uberism believes that in order to achieve anything in the political landscape, you need to be extreme. Be violent. How else could the Radical Centrist get the power of Theory and -thus- all of humankind? Extremism is encouraged, rewarded and actually the only solution. Refuse to be extreme and be killed.


    "Ideologies that base themselves in theory have no validity to them if theor basis is a deviation of reality. If theory does not apply to praxis, man has to shape theory to fit praxis, not the other way around."

    Uberism encourages extremism, yes, but only if the ideology is compatible with Uberism and Reality.


    To put in frank: There are no wacky ideologies.

    "The term for wacky just signals the inability to fit an ideology into your own framework, so you have to use the word wacky to cope with the fact that you're but another Theorist."

    Personality and Behavior

    Uberism is a singularity and behaves as such. But because singularities contain multitudes Uberism is depicted as an infinite amount of singularities, which all fall back or have enough in common with the main singularity.

    Each singularity depicts an uberist version of the ideology behind him.


    Blue Uberism - The Uberist amalgamation of the AuthRight

    Yellow Uberism - The Uberist amalgamation of the LibRight

    Red Uberism - The Uberist amalgamation of the AuthLeft

    Green Uberism - aifiowhfoabcowihcoaiwjhaisjdwpiohjaoiwhds

    ... and so on.

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