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    The Counter-reactionary, this should not be confused with a revolutionary, not every counter-reactionary is a revolutionary, just as not every reactionary is a counter-revolutionary and just as not every counter-reactionary is a revolutionary. For a reactionary longs to overturn a current condition of perceived decadence and recover an idealized past. Such reactionary individuals and policies favor social transformation, in contrast to conservative people or policies that seek incremental change or preservation of existing policy. In popular usage, reactionary refers to a strong traditionalist conservative political outlook of a person who opposes social, political, and economic change.

    Counter-reactionism is characterized by a deep aversion to traditionalism, being widely used by sectors of the center-left (social democrats and labor), but not its exclusive use, such as big tent parties, radical centrists and even some center-right parties.

    However, it is worth highlighting that they share a common ideology, reformism, gradualism and dirigisme.

    By adopting these points, it is not opportune to embrace the revolution but rather to dissolve it, dilute it, fragment it, therefore, preventive or maintenance counter-revolution is adopted. The counter-revolutionary principle of one part of the left (center-left) against another part of the left (radicals and fundamentalists) applies.

    Counter-reactionism consists of revolutionary degradation, inconsistencies and divergences, occurring within the revolutionary context, the most famous case being the division between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.

    Once the revolution is dehydrated, it loses its main agendas and causes to the center left.

    Counter-reactionaries, on the one hand, embrace the status quo, on the other, try to shape it to their interests and insert themselves into the center of current political power (entrism and Gramscism).

    These have an openly dissimulated, calculating stance, with an air of exemption or moderation.

    If the reactionary is the twin of the revolutionary. Therefore, the counter-revolutionary is also the twin of the counter-reactionary.

    The former both aim to break the status quo, one forward (progressive/revolutionary) and the other backward (traditionalist/reactionary). The second ones are more specific, but already predictable.

    The counter-reactionary tries to reconcile its progressive agendas with the current status quo, but ends up being dominated by it. In this way, counter-reactionism is forced to follow two distinct positions. Being the first to start from a counter-reactionary point, it definitively breaks with tradition and evolves into a revolutionary point, assuming all the consequences arising from this, including possible defeat and even setbacks coming from the right. The second one starts to parasitize the revolutionary movement and starts to present itself in a center-left way, this ends up gradually tearing the revolutionary movement apart, even fragmenting it, sometimes even extinguishing it.

    The counter-revolutionary also tries to implement his traditionalist agendas, with modern society, this tradition is only in certain characteristics and in certain aspects, not in substance, making integration with reactionism necessary, so that it reaches tradition, and a real revival and restoration of it. When this fails, it adopts conservatism or degenerates further into becoming a Christian Democrat, centrist or liberal. However, this is different from its counterpart, since counter-revolutionary and reactionary generally see their ideas as complementary, although there are always radicalized and discordant sectors.

    It is almost common for counter-reactionism to adhere totally or partially to centrism, contributing to the formation of radical centrism and democratic rigidity. Critical thinking is necessary, in which the left questions themselves, whether truly counter-reactionary would be willing to serve as a foundation for the revolutionary movement, willing to break with the order of things, undoing the burlesque linearity. Otherwise, adhere to it and bury more radical socialism and therefore Marxism/communism altogether.


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