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    Conservative Progressivism

    Conservative Progressivism is a culturally centre-right ideology that attempts to combine centre-left economic policies with centre-right social policies. While he values most progress and equality and is a firm believer that both are essential for a society to function properly, he also firmly believes that society shouldn't completely abandon traditionalism and Conservative ideas and policies that have worked in the past, such as limited government intervention, individual freedom, and being proud of your country.

    Philosophy and Beliefs

    I'll add this later I swear guys


    Friends and Close Family

    Progressive Conservatism - My Progressive big brother! While many people call you things like "A walking contradiction" I still owe you many thanks for helping me shape my beliefs!

    Moderate Conservatism - Hey dad, I hope you're okay with me using some of your policies and combining them with his.

    Moderate Progressivism - Same as above.


    Reactionaryism - I like your stance on tradition, but I feel like you're a little too extreme and could be more open to some modern ideas.


    Nazism - You disgust me. You're just Extremist Socialism that has been mixed with Ethnonationalism to the point where it's completely unrecognizable.

    Anarcho-Conservatism - When we said "Limited government intervention" we didn't mean "Abolish the damn state"!

    Anarcho-Progressive Conservatism - You're no brother to me...


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