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    Conservative Mattism is the conservative version of Mattism. It is culturally center right-wing, fiscally conservative, civically statist, and adopts Chicagoan economics.

    Statist.png Government Statist.png
    Conservative Mattism is civically statist, valuing security over privacy. But, still wants a healthy balance of security and privacy as well, so opposes the government being overbearing in people's personal lives. The government would function like a semi-direct liberal democracy, with the leader chosen directly by the popular vote, while a lot of the governance is left up to representatives.

    Chilib.png Economics Chilib.png
    Conservative Mattism is an economically right-wing ideology, wanting a free-market economy with some regulations set in-place, like minimum wage laws and workplace regulations and ect, but thinks the market should be left to itself without too much government interference. Along with wanting to reduce the welfare state to its necessities for those who need it like the disabled, while allowing people to keep more of what they earn. As for things like labor unions, they can exist, but should have notable restrictions on them, and shouldn't be mandatory in the public sector.

    ModTrad.png Culture ModTrad.png
    Conservative Mattism is culturally center-right, wanting a culture focused on community values. On abortion, he is pro-life, with the exception of rape/incest, or it being a threat to the mothers life. On the LGBT community, he supports marriage equality between gay couples and straight couples, but opposes the LGBT movement. And for trans people, he believes they should be allowed to transition, but you should have to be 18 to do so. On drugs, he wishes to legalize weed, while leaving the status of other soft drugs up to the states to decide. But, still wants to keep hard drugs illegal. On pornography and sex work, he believes pornography constitutes as free speech, but sex work should still be illegalized. On guns, he firmly believes in the second amendment, albeit with expanded background checks to keep bad actors from getting guns. On gender roles, he believes society works best when people conform to traditional gender roles, and is a supporter of conservative feminism.

    Eccon.png Environmentalism Eccon.png
    Conservative Mattism realizes that its important to protect the environment, and seeks to protect the environment with environmental protections through things like carbon taxes and ect.

    Laicism.png Religion Laicism.png
    Conservative Mattism is a supporter of Anglo-secularism, and thinks everyone has the right to worship who ever they please. But, opposes the complete separation of church and state, and thinks that removing the tax exempt status of churches goes too far, along with removal of religion from government buildings and ect.

    Civnat.png Foreign Policy Civnat.png
    Conservative Mattism is a civic nationalist, seeing as race or ethnicity should not be a factor in your citizenship status, but still opposes illegal immigration. Along with being an interculturalist, thinking immigrants need to learn the language and culture of the country they are immigrating to. On regional unions like the EU, he isn't opposed to them, but would want to reform them to allow for greater autonomy for the member states. As for trade, he is protectionist in this regard, wanting to put up tariffs to protect local industry.




    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy - I like how you uphold conservative values, but I like a secular society more. I will tolerate you though.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Your economics are good, but I don't like how all of your followers are woke progressives. And also, globalism is cringe.
    • 3way.png Third Way - A tolerable welfarist. Although, drop your interventionism please. And some of your followers can be too woke for my liking.
    • Laicism.png Laicism - Separation of church and state is a good thing, but trying to separate it from society? I'm not the most religious person myself, but I still respect one's right to practice it if they choose to.
    • Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism - You would work quite nicely, but some of your followers are way too interventionist.
    • Lib.png Liberalism - You're fine, but too progressive.


    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Ruined the name of nationalism! Also, killed millions of people based on pseudoscientific nonsense. May the world never forget the day you died, good times.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Not only do you want to expand the welfare state and government regulations, your modern day followers are woke.
    • Keynes.png Keynesianism - Stop spending all of our damn money!
    • Soc.png Socialism - You don't know basic economics!
    • Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary Progressivism - I will not cave into the woke mob. You are the biggest threat to society as it currently stands!


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