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    Conservative Marijuana Legalizationism

    Conservative Marijuana Legalizationism is a cultural right ideology that believes in the legalisation of marijuana, while combining that with overall culturally conservative views. The level of conservative policy varies dramatically, ranging from Modcon.png Moderate Conservatism to Reactcross.png Reactionarism.



    • Shapirocube.png Shapiroism - Supports marijuana legalization and still has based cultural views
    • Korwinism-Pikselart.png Korwinism - Said he wants to decriminalize all drugs because that's a personal choice, and he is also a reactionary and pro-life
    • Eccon.png Eco-Conservatism - You sometimes support me!
    • Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism - Smokes weed together with me after mass
    • Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism - Based
    • NarcLib.png Narco-Liberalism - Good liberal. Though we do have some disagreements.
    • NarcPrim.png Narco-Primitivism - Doesn't like this robot shit and is also very spiritual
    • Marilegal.png Marijuana Legalizationism - Based, but usually too progressive.
    • UKUKIP.png Faragism - He says that the war on drugs is a mass failure,opposes the EU ,illegal and/or mass inmigration,want lower taxes and less regulations.
    • FvD-icon.png Baudetism - He wants to full legalize marijuana and even study the possibility to legalize all drugs and he opposes political correctness and uncontrolled inmigration also his cultural values are reactionary.
    • Fortuynism.png Fortuynism - Another fellow Dutchman who was a hero that combat against the islamization of his country and want to legalize marijuana,he also smoked weed.
    • SPR.png South Park Republicanism - He's usually in favour of legalize marijuana also I like his jokes about SJWS,progressives and Democrats.


    • Conserv.png Conservatism Con-t.png - Many of your voters actually agree with me, yet you keep those stupid prohibitionist laws in your electoral platform. Lame.
    • React.png Reactionarism Reactcross.png - Hey! Why do you call me a degenerate? Our ancestors used to smoke weed without it being prohibited!
    • NarcProg.png Narco-Progressivism - Politically, you suck. But at least... we can agree on weed?
    • NarcCap.png Narco-Capitalism - Heroin? Hmmmm............. No thanks.
    • Sal.png Salvinism - If only you applied your views on prostitution, on softer drugs, you would be epic.


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