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    Hey fagz

    Conseilism is a civically very libertarian/anarchist , cultural far-right and economic left ideology which is most like social anarchism or libertarian socialism but with significant influence from far right forms of anarchism, primarily Nilssonian anarcho-fascism, national anarchism, quiian anarcho-monarchism and black lilyism. It believes in the economics of reactionary socialism. It is the self-insert of User:Rechtewig



    Conseilism believes in extreme decentralization and elimination of monopoly on violence/state, to be replaced by a hyper-populist stateless government alongside extreme vigilantism, meaning he can be labeled as anarchist. However, not only is this contested by left-anarchists, but Conseilism focuses not only on liberty, but also incentivizing socially beneficiary policy, mostly viewing liberty as a means, granted by some extrnal group's recognition thereof, (so he does not believe in natural liberties) to what he views as ultimate morality: the pursuit of happiness, and (slightly more importantly) societal good. Because liberty can be used to promote societal good and is a means for the pursuit of happiness, in that the individual can (generally) well judge what brings happiness for themselves. In a slightly less terribly cringe philosophical way, I can explain this.

    Conseilism believes that we should abolish state, defined as monopoly on violence, and instead install a government which does not exist through self-imposition,but rather people have the right to turn their aggressive forces for or against leaders and thereby the people impose government on themselvesd. Thus the government has to bargain with society in order to stay powerful and thus cannot do anything adverse to society. Also w*men would be excluded from politics. This leader would be me a philosopher king. These It's the backing of the people through which progression on the social level develops, although i hate voting for reasons below

    I hate voting because it's idiotic that a completely powerless politician who exists solely through making false promises towards the majority of a tiny part of the country even exists. And what's more it leads to a progressive shadow elite I.E the intellectual elites who we all know are technophillic progressives.

    On the role of the government, he believes in adhocracy, wherein problems are solved by those who understand them as well as limited economic responsibilities.

    He opposes police, favouring communal enforcement by physical removal, he opposes the court system, favouring trial by combat, and he opposes a formalized law, rather a hyper-particularist sort of vague "covenant". In practice this would work with society case by case judging and expelling people for violating a sort of "covenant", and with said "verdict" being able to be challenged with the barrel of a gun (or the blade of a sword for extra-cool effect).

    This covenant would basically just be a founding principle which is followed as voluntarily as living in said community

    He also supports the Neoreactionary concept of patchwork, in which multiple municipalities, alongside each other in various layers, or in a normal human language way, multiple cities, competing over citizens, being culturally interconnected, retaining economic autarky and civically cooperating, would compose the next level, so a county, and in turn multiple counties, competing over citizens, being culturally interconnected, retaining economic autarky and civically cooperating, would compose the next level, so a duchy or some mediaeval larp, and so on. This system has been observed as neo-feudal, which Conseilism positively agrees with as another justification for his larpism reactionarism. The lowest level would be family/house/clan

    Conseilism believes that vigilatilism is abusable, as has been shown by groups such as the  KKK, however, staunch, tight-knit, intimate communitarianism and well-arming of the populace would negate both this and crime.


    Economic Structure

    • Guilds - Conseilism believes in Guild Socialism where Guilds (associations of autonomous workers from the middle ages) are the means by which the workers control the economy. Of course he also supports worker's ownership of the means of production. He strongly opposes unions as he sees them inherently rooted in capitalist conditions. These guilds would also be democratic. but only on a small scale
    • Consumers bodies - Conseilism supports comsumers forming bodies which decentrally regulate the economy in order to protect consumer's interests.
    • File:PCB-Councom.pngBusinesses Agar.png - Conseilism supports Council Communism running local businesses, the only ones allowed would be extremely small. These businesses interact in a limited cooperative market working to enrich the community.

    Incidentally, this market would be limited by a public sector, which would be the modern public sector, however, natural resources would be part of the public sector, while schools would not, because Conseilism believes the profit motive in natural resources directly incentivizes mismanagement, whereas private and public schools both serve corporate and government interests respectively, Conseilism instead believes in homeschooling and the apprentice system.

    He also believes in a non-industrial, primarily craftmenship and agrarian based economy

    The market would not be limited by regulation. On prostitution, he believes in a radical neo-abolitionist stance in which everybody involved with the exception of the prostitute should be penalized.

    This means he believes in total legalization of firearms and narcotics/drugs.

    He is third positionist as he opposes both marxism and capitalism, although he does take some elements from both as he sees them as extrmely hyperstitious. So while he rejects the centralized property and voluntarist internal competition of capitalism, he believes in markets, and stock markets.

    The only contraband which would remain illegal is illicit pornography, WoMDs and the slave trade.

    Culture :

    Reactionary, as Conseilism believes it's extremely important to preserve/restore traditions, mainly christian law, culture and cultural customs, as well as values, both on merit and age, as betraying the founding principles of a nation is a crime against the metaphysical collectivity, or "soul" theeof (an idea taken from volkisch), and views this as both promoting stable community and views the past as better than the now, so preserving the past is good. Also, Conseilism deviates from conservatism believing conservatism is incapable of combatting progressivism and fails to positively address the state of liberties in the distant past (namely medieval europe), and Conservatism's blind authoritarianism. He supports positive and cultural eugenics, believing voluntary and cultural removal of certain elements from the gene pool is a societal good and not strictly speaking morally wrong. On marriage he is very biblical, however he generally opposes extramarital sex except under very few circumstances, however he thinks sex within marriage should be compulsory. He also believes both family and constituents should have a say in marriage and believes in restoring bundling (tying bride and groom in a bag before the wedding night). Lastly, like his influence anarcho-fascism, he is anti-feminist, believing women should conform to biblical sex roles and also be excluded from politics as he believes that in his ideal society people would aggressively participate in politics, and he believes women are incapable of aggression to the same extent as men. Thus, feminism is unnatural. Of course, these wouldn't be enforced by the government, Conseilism instead advocates for the destruction of an intellectual elite as to propagate reactionary values through society, eventually making progressivism not tolerated by society, which would open the way for society expunging progressive elements. He supports christian law, however more amoral, so focusing more on immutable characteristics than morality. He has some cultural similarities to File:PCB-NaziHatIcon.png Imperial capitalism's cultural stances, in that, although reactionary he is very focused on the future and belueves adoptng a small amount of progress is necessary to enable reactionariism. Though i believe in "family values (which is a pretty meaningless term anyway)", i actually hate the nuclear (mother father child) family and think four generations should live together, including cousins and there families. Although they would pretty much cut up various municipalities into "clan" zones which is discuseed in civics

    Diplomacy []:

    • Ethnic nationalism: Conseilism believes borders should be drawn by ethnicity, from the idea of blood and soil, as conseilism believes anything else would lead to the destruction of a race through misgenation, and as a believer in HBD we must preserve each race and their positive characteristics. However as he supports (internal) open borders, borders would be very fluctuating. He does not believe race is the root of nationality, as another break from typical ethnonationalism
    • Cultural nationalism: Conseilism believes in TOTAL cultural homogeny. Eine kultur, eine reich. Parrelel cultures in conflict will culminate in the destruction of one, which will eventually lead to extreme cultural decay.
    • Blood nationalism: Conseilism believes nationality is derived from kin/bloodline, however, unlike traditional blood nationalism, he believes multiple families constitute one nation.
    • Homonationalism: :troll:
    • American Ultranationalism: He believes in prioritizing america first, although he is very sympathetic to secessionists in the USA as much as elsewhere. Conseilism believes that America is a nation based around the similarities of it's individual states.
    • Pro-Secessionism: Conseilism supports a vast majority of secessionists
    • Alter-Globalism: Conseilism believes we should cooperate with other nations while remaining militarily and economically withdrawn
    • Pan-Nationalism: Conseilism believes we should advocate for pan-nationalist commonwealth(es) on multiple levels. This would be everything from a pan christian commonwealth, within it a pan germanic commonwealth, within it a pan anglic commonwealth, and within that, of course, gloriovs AMERICA. [1]. Also open borders between these commonwealthes
    • Irredentism: i also think we should take back stolen land. So gloriovs AMERICA should take the former oregon terriotory and the parts of louisiane we lost to the bri'ishoids. pan anglic commonwealth shpuld get ex-bri'ishoid empire, pan germanic commonwealth should get lost german empire lands, etc.
    • Misc: Also i hate france, they are children of gomer, thus france should be particitioned between spain, italy and germany. I personally want to bomb israel off the map, but practically we should make it, and the promised land (between niles and euphrates) an international zone for all abrahamic religions because in bible the LORD promises it to abraham, not israel or ismael specifically. We should also bring back crusader states.

    Other beliefs

    Religious views

    Conseilism believes in ecumenicalism, because he believes schism of the churches has produced degenerate branches of christian. Thus, he believes in the anglican church as institution, He is also rather esoteric, believing in some mystic practices, viewing nature as a sort of "icon" and thus worthy of ritualistic veneration, and also believing paganism is preferable to both judaism and islam as christianity has been historically closer to paganism, a few shared beliefs, and the belief that pagans will not suffer in the afterlife as opposed to abrahamics. Conseilism also believes in many ancient greek myths, and differentiates between the God of the Christians and the god of the jews. Conseilism could obviously be viewed as christian right because of his usage of biblical passages to justify his cultural right views (although it's more of a secondary thing), however he breaks from them economically and on matters of discrimination he is nearly the opposite, being (arguably, kinda, maybe (don't cancel me oh god oh fuck)) racist and also sexist but not (totally) anti-gay.

    Also i am somewhat jingoistic religiously, i HATE relogious judaism, islam ain't that bad but is still not good.

    Environmental views

    Conseilism believes in malthusianism and neo-volikist eco-nationalism, viewing the nation as intrinsic to it's nature. He, however believes people and nature should interact antagonistically, because of natural selection, however we need to make that substainable through envioroenmatilsm

    Technological views

    Agrarian for neoluddite reasons. Conseilism believes that reliance on industrial technology is disastorous, although tech is in of itself inevitable, so the logical idea is to distance ourselves from said reliance, which was coined by Biocentrism as neo-agrarianism

    Views on Space Colonization

    It's an incredibly cool idea, but i think it's both impractical and dangerous

    Views on Abortion

    conseilism believes abortion is murder, however it's morally permissible in multiple extreme cases, such as rape, sister x brother incest, threat to the life of the mother and/or baby or extreme deformation in the baby. However he believes the male spouse must agree unless there is substantial evidence that the male spouse raped the woman, in which case you should probably separate.

    Views on American founding documents

    Conseilism is very jeffersonian, believing that the jeffersonian documents were the best and should be followed. Meaning the bill of rights (making him a supporter of total free speech, near total right to bear arms (up until WoMDs), etc.), the deceleration of independence and the articles of confederation

    Views on metric vs. imperial

    he thinks that metric is only relevant because of arabic numerals, and imperial is more mathematically sound, being based on 12, a more divisible number, and metric is based on ten, which, again, is only relevant in a base-ten syteme. He supports imperial to clarify

    Views on Covid-19 and measures around it

    He is opposed to lockdowns, and thinks that we should instead have a system where if you get infected you have a greater self-eligibilty. He does not believe covid was synthesized in a lab, but he does not doubt that it was taken advantage of. On vaccines, he is somewhat sceptical, believing that we (the general populace) honestly don't know if they're a placebo, or rushed or some crap like that.

    Views on the civil war

    he is somewhat of a confederate apologist

    Views on race/ethnicity

    Conseilism believes in blood and soil and HBD meaning that he is generally viewed as racist by many progressives. While he does not identify as such, he is not necessarily adverse to being called as such. However, most white nationalists reject him because he promotes colour blindness and also vehementally dislikes many european ethnicities, namely balto-uraltaic (viewing them as armies of gog and magog) and french, viewing them as gomerites (cimmerians) although said francophobic attitude also extends to the morrocans, and irish, (although excludes quebecois and american-irish).


    Conseilism is opposed to both reform and revolution and either supports independence, accelerationism or agorism as a way to achieve Conseilism. A note is i think that most of these can be used to make revolution possible.




    make sheiet real bad until Conseilism is reached WIP


    if i do violence outside the state monopoly on violence will be no more. Also the dark web is epic WIP

    Political unity

    Conseilism believes that since all extremists hate the current form of the state, they can work with anarhcists. He doesn't actually support anarcho-anti-centrism, he mostly uses it as an example. He actually advocates for unity between reactionary socialists, reactionary libertarians, and libertarian socialists, and (emphasized much less, sometimes) unity between reactionaries, socialists, and libertarians


    Under Conseilism all drugs would be legal. The reason being that i find the war on drugs unnecessary and unwinable. And a drug addiction is it's own punishment.


    Under Conseilism all arms would be legal and normalized except WoMDs. And rifles would be subsidized for all fathers.


    Subsidies would not be given to urban livings or businesses, but rifles and farmland would be widely subsidized for the people.

    Bodily Autonomy

    Conseilism opposes prostitution, sexually perverse material and public promiscuity, (although prostitution and promiscuity wouldn't necessarily be disallowed) , but bodily autonomy would be generally allowed. I disagree with gay marriage because it immediately makes the gay public which I don't like.

    Wartime Policy

    Conseilism supports what he calls "uber-swiss" war policies, in which all travel routes are promptly destroyed, gun ownership becomes compulsory (but government funded) for all males over fourteen, effectively making a very substantial portion of the nation's population soldiers. However this war would be solely defensive, but Conseilism promotes militarized neutrality

    Theoretical views

    Views which are discarded for reasons

    Death penalty for the sexually perverse

    Pedoes, zoophiles, etc. This is waay to authoritarian, and i think that society should generally do as they wilt with these "people" which would ideally still involve death, preferably extremely gruesome, but that wouldn't be a formalized practice

    Outlaw everything i dislike

    Waaaay too totalitarian and larpy


    Based Friends

    • Minnesotan Distributism: We seem to agree on most things, and he also seems like a nice guy. Also, woman hater gang!
    • Anarcho-Communism commune based society is based and probably the only way to synthesise liberty and equality. Though twitter ancoms are cringe af and you can be waaay too radical
    • National Anarchism - virtually identical, fellow third positionist.
    • Reactionary Socialism - basically me, if sometimes too statist and hierarchial
    • National Feudalism - i really need to go outside someday....
    • Iron Daveism: One of my first interactions on pcb(a) and a fellow guild socialist and reactionary
    • Mencius Moldbug - I respect you but I guess I don't really agree on much with you

    Bacrisednge frenemies

    • Anti-Deathism: ehhhhhhh i'm sympathetic towards immortalism, don't support it for anyone but me tho think it's feasible (unless coupled with antinatalism), not because death is inevitable (its not), but because population growth. As for your other views, i think the civic stances are good, the economic ones are neutrally based (too extreme ngl) but the cultural ones are very bad.
    • Oiboioiism: This ideology is both an incredible utopia and an incredible dystopia. Nice guy also
    • LogicalGreyism: Not the worst, but also

    definitely not the best

    • Nick Fuentes - would be based but sometimes annoying but sometimes funny but sometimes gay
    • Nick Land - genius but also really, really insane
    • Enlightenment - Partially based, renaissance and french revolution were much worse.
    • File:PCB-NaziHat-Icon.pngImperial Capitalism - Based culturally and bringed diplomatically, but economically and civically cringe.

    Cringe Enemies

    • Liberalism [2]
      • State Liberalism - Worst system ever.
      • Liberal Socialism - Fake socialist
      • Neoliberalism - Status quo and therefore cring
      • Radicalism - The moment when i read "many of his ideas are actually commonplace" was among my worst [3]
      • Reactionary Liberalism - Mixed feelings towards enlightnement i get, libtardery i do not.
      • Classical Liberalism - Your introduction of the concept of """Natural rights""" are a disaster for the entire lib half of the compass




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    1. yeah "gloriovs AMERICA" is about as larpy as it gets no need to snark about it.
    2. I stole this fomrat from nazbolgang12 so this is technically his credit
    3. this is obviously hyperbole so i'll probably change it
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