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    File:Conscious Centrism flag.png
    Flag of Conscious Centrism

    Conscious Centrism, also known as Intelligent Centrism, is a form of centrism that seeks on the improvement of human condition and of the reformation of capitalism and liberalism by rejecting far-right and far-left, mainly the right however, extremes and seeking the adoption of a non-partisan system based on direct democracy and on referendums will decide everything.

    Conscious centrism was created in Brazil and majority of this ideology is based in a Brazilian page "Imagine How Much This Centrism Felt Intelligent in Type This (Imagine o quanto este centrista se sentiu inteligente ao digitar isso)", conscious centrism actually subdivides into two main currents, radical conscious centrism (that is the one based on that Brazilian page) and the moderate conscious centrism (that is the one who advocates reformism and openly supports direct democracy and referendums will decide). But in practice, both, radical conscious centrism and moderate conscious centrism are literally the same.

    On the economical issue, conscious centrism actually support social-liberalism and left-wing liberalism with a bias on partially socialization of the economy by cooperatives and free associations, do not seeking the massive centralization of the economy nor the oligopolization of the economy, conscious centrism seeks the development of a social-liberalism and democratic socialism in a way that the economy can walk by itself in a way that it does not destroy the world nor exploit people a lot.

    Conscious centrism also seeks on the superation of left-right concepts and also the reach of a non-partisan state on politics, by turning everyone into a high level of consciousness and teaching everyone to become pragmatic and reflexive on political and social issues.

    Conscious centrism also advocates prison abolitionism, replacing prisons by reeducation centers with focus on the reeducation and rehabilitation of the criminals and of the people, and police abolitionism, replacing police by people's squads where people can protect themselves and slove everything by themselves, and even advocating jusconsensualism, that is a political movement that seeks to adopt a jusdiciary model based on consensus, anti-punitive and humanist principles.


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