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    Confederal Minarchism

    Confederal Minarchism is a radical libertarian, slightly culturally rightwing (heavily prioritizes family values but believes it can coexist with 100% lgbt rights), economically far-right ball. He believes that different parts of a country should be able to vote on whether to be minarchist or anarcho-capitalist. The minarchist areas would protect the anarchist areas from harm. This form of government is for average or more sized countries.


    In a confederal minarchy, complete direct democracy is required to ensure that the minarchist government cant grow. Confederal Minarchy recognizes that certain areas do better with certain forms of capitalist government. Anarchist areas would become minarchist in the event of a crisis or bad war. After the problem is over, the areas can vote to return to anarchy or keep minarchy. If a normal guy suggests something, it should be voted on by direct democracy. Whether it be going to minarchy or anarcho-capitalism (The capital would always be minarchist though), a new law, or a decision. The government should act as an organization that is to do what government was originally to do.

    • The government should act more as an "organization" with its members elected by direct democracy.

    • This "organization" should only enforce the law, enforce the N.A.P, organize voting events, build a protective military, and handle diplomacy.

    • It should completely and utterly respect the personal lives of its citizens and should ALWAYS respect the peoples democratic decisions.





    • World Federalism2.png World Federalism - A world federal government wouldn't know how to properly handle the areas far from the capital. A big nation thinking they control an area far away from their moral jurisdiction is one thing, but thinking a few fatcats in the world capital know best for everyone is just foolish at best and evil at worst.
    • Col.png Collectivism federal garbage. Doesnt allow freedom of the individual, not even of the region. YOU DONT KNOW BEST FOR EVERYONE!!!


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