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    Conceptualism (russian: концептуализм)-is a ideology of banned in 2007 party CPU (Conceptual Party Unity).


    The theoretical platform of the conceptual party "Unity" is a set of documents called "The Concept of Public Safety "Dead Water"" (abbreviated "CPS", "CPSr")

    According to the developers of the concept, the name "Dead Water" echoes Alexander Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila": if you pour "dead" water on bloody wounds, then the wounds stopped bleeding; only after that it was necessary to pour "living" water, then the dead heroes came to life. Without "dead" water due to unhealed wounds, the hero could have died again. In addition, sometimes water is presented as an image of information, while "dead water" is a written text, while "living water" is a "living" communication.

    The ideology of the CPU includes the idea of the existence of a "world conspiracy", "world behind the scenes", etc. — a "global predictor", created 3,500 years ago by 22 ancient Egyptian hierophant priests, who exercises primacy, including over the "World Masonic Government", and represents it represents "not only people, but a complex of knowledge of global significance." The "global predictor" is a subject that implements, to the best of its understanding, "conceptual power" (the power of ideas that dominate society, and people who form, understand and implement these ideas) in relation to the whole society. To solve the main problems of Russian society, supporters of the CPU point to the need for Russia to acquire its own "conceptual power". According to the ideologists of the party, now the "world government" is headed by "a small group of global financial tycoons." The materials distributed by the party also spoke about other conspiracies: for example, about the plan of "alcoholic genocide of the Russian people" carried out since ancient times by the Christian church, which introduces parishioners to the use of wine, including through the ritual of "wine communion".

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    |Conceptual Party Unity

    Петров, Константин Павлович (Russian)


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