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    Communist-Liblovism is a variant of Liberty-Loverism and is somewhat removed from the unironic views of liberty-lover.

    Unlike Liberty-Loverism ComLiblov believes in far more collectivist ideas and more far left economics. Still has relatively the same views on authority and hierarchy.


    Awaj.png Leaderlessness Directdem.png

    Communist-Liblovism believes in the idea that its unnecessary to have a single individual have power over the masses, and therefore advocates for a direct transition into a classes stateless society.

    Prog-u.png Social Progressivism Prgess.png

    Communist-Liblovism is incredibly progressive and believes all people should be treated equally and thus wants minority rights to improve. They believe all conservative ideas should be challenged but that if done improperly it might become just as hierarchical as before.

    Transh.png Technological Progressivism Futvalue.png

    Communist-Liblovism is very in favor of technology and thinks that maintaining a high standard of technology is vital to suit the needs of the people.

    Falgsc.png Post Scarcity Production Bckchn.png

    Communist-Liblov thinks that if our production will inevitably rise enough to sustain communism on a larger scale. They think this should be used to give whatever free goods are sustainable to produce. The more production increases the more communism can be spread.

    Commie.png Economy GE.png

    ComLiblov believes in a economy in which local publicly owned factories, vertical farms and 3d printers are used to produce everything people could need and eventually everything people want. since things would be so decentralized it wouldn't need that much economic planning. The making of currencies would be incredibly discouraged as if money exists it will inevitably lead to inequality and equality will inevitably lead to hierarchy.

    DvEquality.png Ownership CapDemocracy.png

    Communist-Liblovism thinks that private property shouldn't exist. however occupied personal living spaces and personal belonging would be personal.

    Col.png Collectivism Col.png

    Communist-Liblovism believes its unrealistic to believe individuals make any type of change and that if the most people benefit it wouldn't matter that much if some people are negatively affected.


    They act very optimistic. Imagine a mix of ancom and utopian socialism. Typically very friendly and outgoing but can be quite aggressive around those they view as authoritarians.

    How to draw

    1st draw a ball

    2nd draw a bunch of intersecting stripes, fill the top half purple, and the bottom half blue.

    3rd fill in the gaps, half light pink, half blackish.

    4th give them green robot eyes.

    the hat and cat ears are completely optional


    S Tier

    PCB-Falgsc.png FALGSC -The most influential ideology in how my economy is run.

    Soul.png Soulism -Communist anarchist and likes space travel. I mean their kinda wacky but still.

    Antr.png Anarcho-Transhumanism -Anarchism and transhumanism are based.

    Xenofeminism.png Xenofeminism -Gender abolitionism transhumanism and anarchy based.

    A Tier

    Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism Communism is based anarchy makes it more based.

    GE.png Gift Economy -Most based economic system.

    PCB-Commie.png Communism -My end goal basically.

    Soc-h.png Socialism -A transition towards my end goal.

    Synd.png Syndicalism -A way of achieving communism/socialism though unions.

    PCB-AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism -Based and monty python pilled.

    UtopAn.png Utopian Anarchism -Based.

    B Tier

    Platformism.png Platformism -I mean i get wanting to not have non anarchists in the ranks but kicking out all who don't fit that doesn't sound good.

    ComNeoLud.png Communist Neoluddism -Good goals comrade but, getting rid off all industry wouldn't help the workers, the planet yes, workers not as much.

    C Tier

    Mutualist.png Mutualism -This could easily lead to "anarcho" capitalism.

    Marketsoc.png Market Socialism -Money leads to inequality, Inequality leads to class structures, class structures lead to the dark side.

    Dem.png Democracy -Democracy is based leaders aren't though.

    D Tier

    Socdem.png Social Democracy -Well meaning but ultimately a half measure.

    PCB-Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism -Anarchy good capitalism bad.

    Ancaptrans.png Anarcho-Capitalist Transhumanism -You being anarchist and transhumanist doesn't save the capitalism.

    Prez.png Presidentialism -not voting for a leader.

    F Tier


    Cap.png Capitalism -The reason greed and corporate interests make the world go round.

    Corp.png Corportatocracy -What will happen if capitalism is allowed to continue.

    Ancorp.png Anarcho-Corporatocracy -sigh, if a company exerts all the same control a government does?? HOW EXACTLY IS IT!?! NOT ONE!!

    Mcorp.png Mega Corporatocracy -Same thing as the last one but honest about being a state.

    Hoppef.png Hoppeanism -Not libertarian or an anarchist.

    Statesoc.png State Socialism -Good intentions but the workers need to own the means of production not the state. The state isn't the workers.

    F Tier

    Burgsys.png Burgundian System -LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY MAD FASCIST!!

    Fash.png Fascism -Fuck fascists!

    Nazi.png National Socialism -LITERATELY HITLER!!

    Abmon.png AbsoluteMonarchism -In need of a guillotine.

    Monarch.png Monarchism -Also in need of a guillotine.

    Anmona.png Anarcho-Monarchism -WHY!! HOW!! WHAT?!?!

    Anfashf.png Anarcho-Fascism -WHAT!? NO!? YOU CAN"T BE BOTH FASCIST AND ANARCHIST!!

    Icon8.png Hive-mind Monarchism Hate authoritarianism and monarchy.

    ProgMonFashicon.png Progressive Monarcho-Fascism -You're a fascist! AND! A monarchist! sorry being progressive isn't going help this mess.


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