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    Communism is a philosophical, economic, social, and political umbrella, which proposes that the history of all existing human society is defined by class struggles, and history can be viewed in stages of development based on which class holds a dictatorship over the other classes. It proposes that since the global transition to capitalism beginning in the 1600s, and especially with the spreading of the Industrial Revolution beginning in the late 1700s, the world has been under a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, a class of people owning the means of production (i.e. factories, businesses, etc.), and whose societal concerns are the value of private property and the preservation of capital to ensure the perpetuation of their economic dominance in society.

    In response to this, communist ideologies believe in the rising up of the proletariat, a class of workers who do not own the means of production and work under wage labor to survive, against the bourgeoisie and their institutions. After this proletarian revolution, a dictatorship of the proletariat would be established, which would work towards common workers' ownership of the means of production, the abolition of class hierarchy, and after achieving post-scarcity of resources for all and abolition of class relations, the end goal of creating a classless, stateless, and moneyless society. Within the broader umbrella of Communism, there are various different schools of thought that advocate for different praxis (methods) to reach the final stage of communism, such as Orthodox Marxism, Neo-Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism, Left Communism, Communization Theory, and Anarcho-Communism. They are very often in disagreement with one another.

    The legacy of Communism in the modern day remains polarizing, with many people around the world opposing it, and many people around the world supporting it. Opposition to Communism is usually fueled by the negatively perceived legacy of "communist states" (referring to a state governed predominantly by a communist/socialist party), due to their frequent authoritarianism, violation of human rights, and low civilian quality of life, and support for Communism is usually fueled by the belief that such nation-states were never truly committed to Communism, let alone communist in themselves, and that Communism remains relevant and viable to the modern world, especially as capitalist conditions worsen for common working people everywhere.


    Communism will usually be portrayed as an amalgamation of Communist archetypes, and of the personality of Karl Marx himself. He will sometimes be seen educating his various children and the socialist family in general on theory and philosophy. He will also sometimes be seen rallying said children, supporting them in their wide range of revolutionary communist efforts.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Communism
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    2. Fill the ball with red (#FF0000)
    3. Add the eyes.
    4. Hire an independent Artist to do the rest for you because he needs it, support the arts.


    Proletariat (Positive)

    • Marxism - The theorist that gave birth to me.
    • Socialism - The proletariat must rise against it's oppression.
    • Babouvism - A great inspiration for Marx.
    • Industrialism - We need an industrial society to achieve communism.
    • Ergatocracy - A Dictatorship of the Proletariat will carry the revolution until class relations are abolished and communism is reached.
    • Internationalism - The plight of the proletarian knows no borders.
    • Classical Social Democracy - You carry my ideas so well! If only the Spartacist Revolt had been successful...
    • Council Communism - The creation of worker's councils as a basis for the DotP is a great idea!
    • Libertarian Marxism - Very similar to what Marx became in his later years, good stuff.
    • De Leonism - My industrial unionist variant in America.
    • Leninism - Thank you for expanding upon my ideas, and creating the first successful proletarian revolution.
    • Marxism-Leninism - My most well-known variant, who spread my ideas around the world. Though I do wish you focused more on the withering away of the state.
    • Guevarism - A Latin American variant, and liberty warrior.
    • Accelerationism - Progressing Capitalism to its breaking point to motivate the working class to revolt is a brilliant idea!
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Bourgeois society must be done away with if the proletariat is to be liberated!
    • Situationism - An unconventional variant of mine who uses fancy language and criticizes consumerism. I'm not quite sure what he's saying, but he seems reasonable.
    • Anarcho-Communism - I respect your desire to overthrow capitalism, but why do you like B*kunin? Liking both me and him is contradictory.

    Lumpenproletariat (Neutral)

    • Anarchism - We both agree that the state is bad and should eventually be abolished, but Bakunin and Proundhon are utopian and cringe.
    • State Socialism - Speaking of such, a transitional state is needed in order to fully achieve communism, but it should wither away once it is done.
    • Sorelianism - Very weird guy who claims to be me, but at the same time tries to incorporate my beliefs with Proudhon and Nietzsche’s.
    • Democratic Socialism - Your heart is in the right place, but socialism is not achievable by electoralism. I remember when Allende tried to get me implemented but got overthrown by neocuck and its helicopter man puppet.
    • Maoism - Very weird variant of mine, who somehow thinks that agrarianism, anti-intellectualism, and maintaining a "national bourgeoisie" are good means to abolish class relations...
    • Neo-Marxism - Good job expanding on my theories. Though some of you are rather liberal, and to be frank, water down Marx's work.
    • Classical Liberalism - Bourgeois ideology, but good job of unleashing the 1848 revolutions as my ideas can now be practiced in Europe.
    • Ricardian Socialism - Massive influence on me and modern socialism in general, but I don't know about markets, and labor isn't the source of all wealth.
    • Agrarian Socialism - To give up the soil to the hands of associated rural laborers, would be to surrender society to one exclusive class of producers.
    • Utopian Socialism - “The materialist conception of history starts from the proposition that the production of the means to support human life and, next to production, the exchange of things produced, is the basis of all social structure; that in every society that has appeared in history, the manner in which wealth is distributed and society divided into classes or orders is dependent upon what is produced, how it is produced, and how the products are exchanged. From this point of view, the final causes of all social changes and political revolutions are to be sought, not in men’s brains, not in men’s better insights into eternal truth and justice, but in changes in the modes of production and exchange.”
    • Christian Socialism - "Nothing is easier than to give Christian asceticism a Socialist tinge. Has not Christianity declaimed against private property, against marriage, against the State? Has it not preached in the place of these, charity and poverty, celibacy and mortification of the flesh, monastic life and Mother Church? Christian Socialism is but the holy water with which the priest consecrates the heart-burnings of the aristocrat."
    • Islamic Socialism - "Muhammad was a man who... rose from among the pagan people with an iron will and invited them to monotheism and instilled in their hearts the immortality of the soul and spirit. Therefore, he should not only be counted among the great and prominent men of history, but also deserve to acknowledge his prophethood and say from the heart that he was the prophet of God. (Book of opinions of Western scholars about Muhammad, page 101)
    • Capitalist Communism - Uhhhh... Who the heck are you?
    • Barracks Communism - You are too bureaucratic and fixated on asceticism.
    • Left-Wing Nationalism & National Communism - "The working men have no country. We cannot take what they do not have. Since the proletariat must, first of all, acquire political supremacy, must rise to be the leading class of the nation, must constitute itself the nation, it is so far, itself national, though not in the bourgeois sense of the word."
    • Anarcho-Egoism - Saint Max, helped Marx break away from idealism. But he wrote the German ideology specifically for you.
    • Posadism - Say that again? Aliens? Nukes? Wait, what?!
    • Bio-Posadism - Worldwide revolution isn't outdated, and you think instead of that communists should release a super-virus that wipes out the majority of human population for collapsing global capitalist system?! Well... Ok then.

    Bourgeoisie (Negative)

    • Crapitalism - Understand that your time has come and you are no longer useful or preferable. STOP HANGING ON TO POWER! STOP EXPLOITING THE PROLETARIAT! Still a step forward from Feudalism.
    • Reactionary Libertarianism - Oh, come on! Capitalism and Feudalism are incompatible.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism-The opposite of everything I stand for.
    • Georgism - “All these 'socialists' since Colins have this much in common that they leave wage labour and therefore capitalist production in existence and try to bamboozle themselves or the world into believing that if ground rent were transformed into a state tax all the evils of capitalist production would disappear of themselves. The whole thing is therefore simply an attempt, decked out with socialism, to save capitalist domination and indeed to establish it afresh on an even wider basis than its present one.”
    • Neoliberalism - The global dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.
    • Third Way, Social Capitalism, Social Liberalism, etc. - "I cAn TotAlLY ChAnGe cApITaLiSm i SwEaR!!1" Stop diverting support from me with your welfare and basic worker rights. No matter how much you reform the system, the oppressive boundaries of capitalism will remain.
    • Social Democracy - You are a disgrace to the socialist family. Not only do you undermine me by saving capitalism, but you murdered Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. You are hereby disowned, you bourgeois traitor.
    • Anarcho-Collectivism - Have these gentlemen ever seen a revolution?
    • Blanquism - Fake socialist elitist who doesn't care about the proletariat.
    • Dengism - Revisionist who completed the betrayal of my ideals in China.
    • Russia - Most counter-revolutionary country in the world! Oh wait-
    • Pan-Slavism - You are just the tool of the counter-revolutionary Russians! Oh wait-
    • Neoconservatism - So... why is being communist a bad thing? You seem to blow things a lot of the time out of proportion. And stop misattributing my quotes to him
    • Pinochetism - You killed some of my followers, sure. But that clearly doesn't measure up to any of the classicides does it?
    • Plutocracy - I don't like to strawman people, it pollutes discourse. But really?
    • Neoreactionaryism - You have created an entire system based upon exploiting the worker and acquiring as much capital as possible, and you are proud of it? Really?
    • Lumpenproletarian Socialism - You forget that you, too, used to be the oppressors and the bourgeoisie exist because of you.
    • Pol Potism - What do you mean you are derived from me without ever fully reading my books?! You are just a bloodthirsty reactionary in red paint!
    • Petit Bourgeois Socialism - “This school of Socialism dissected with great acuteness the contradictions in the conditions of modern production. It laid bare the hypocritical apologies of economists. It proved, incontrovertibly, the disastrous effects of machinery and division of labour; the concentration of capital and land in a few hands; overproduction and crises; it pointed out the inevitable ruin of the petty bourgeois and peasant, the misery of the proletariat, the anarchy in production, the crying inequalities in the distribution of wealth, the industrial war of extermination between nations, the dissolution of old moral bonds, of the old family relations, of the old nationalities. In its positive aims, however, this form of Socialism aspires either to restoring the old means of production and of exchange, and with them the old property relations, and the old society, or to cramping the modern means of production and of exchange within the framework of the old property relations that have been, and were bound to be, exploded by those means. In either case, it is both reactionary and Utopian.”
    • Bismarckism - You brought me so much struggle.
    • Hayekism - An idiot who doesn't understand the difference between price and value.
    • Feudalism - Fuck off and and never return!
    • Bourgeois Nationalism - Actively divides the working class!
    • Bourgeois Reactionarism - Damn! An even worse version of the other guy...
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - A dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and doesn't even attempt to hide it behind liberal rhetoric.
    • Right-Wing Populism - Can you stop with all the conspiracy theories about how I'm corrupting the West? It's really embarrassing.
    • National Bolshevism - Socialist in name only.
    • Nazism - Socialist in name only, who burns my books and executes my supporters.
    • National Capitalism - Your mask slipped by now.


    1. Engels in a letter to Marx: "We are communists also out of selfishness, and out of selfishness we want to be men, not simple individuals."
    2. https://thiswastv.com/eiichiro-oda-che-guevara/
    3. Only in his early days.
    4. Debatable due to him not fully reading Marx
    5. Debatable due to him not reading Marx
    6. The icons used are of countries/regions, rather than of communist parties, because:
      1. They are easier to identify;
      2. Historical/existing communist parties are not being agreed upon among communists as representative of the communist movement.
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