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    Communardism or Paris Communalism is the ideology of the insurrectionary movement that took over the city of Paris during 72 days, from the 18th of March 1871 to the 28th of May 1871, and established the Paris Commune. This insurrection refused to recognize the government resulting from the National Assembly, which had just been elected by universal male suffrage, and chose to create a Libertarian Socialist organization for the city, based on Direct Democracy and economic equality. This experiment would gave birth to the early forms of Communalism, and overall have a great impact on the history of Socialism and Anarchism.


    The Commune is both a reaction to the French defeat in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 and to the siege of Paris, and a manifestation of the opposition between the republican people of Paris favorable to direct democracy, and the National Assembly which at that time had a monarchist majority acquired in the representative regime. This insurrection and the violent repression it suffered had a major international impact, particularly within the workers' movement and the various emerging revolutionary movements.


    His personality is based on that of a Parisian communard, he detests the monarchy as well as the bourgeoisie. He likes to be with the other workers in the factories and also with the farmers and artisans. He does not hesitate to execute a bourgeois if he can.

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