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    The Combine, as depicted in the Half-Life video game series, represents a totalitarian regime that has conquered Earth and assimilated various species into its ranks. While the specific ideology of the Combine is not explicitly stated in the games, it exhibits characteristics of several ideologies, primarily authoritarianism and transhumanism. Furthermore, the Combine's emphasis on efficiency, ruthless exploitation of resources, and disregard for individuality aligns with certain aspects of collectivism and utilitarianism, as it prioritizes the greater good of the Combine's goals over the well-being of individuals. It's important to note that the Combine's ideology is intentionally left ambiguous in the games, and the true nature of their beliefs and motivations is not fully explored. The game series primarily focuses on the resistance against the Combine rather than delving into the specifics of their ideology.


    Authoritarianism: The Combine exercises absolute control over its subjects through a centralized authority, imposing a strict hierarchy and suppressing dissent. It employs a combination of military force, propaganda, surveillance, and mind control to maintain its dominance.

    Transhumanism: The Combine's ideology also incorporates elements of transhumanism, which is the belief in using technology to enhance human capabilities. The Combine extensively uses advanced technology to augment its soldiers and administrators, assimilating other species into its forces and creating a uniformity of appearance and purpose.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Combinism is very alien in behavior and demeanor, very unnerving and aggressive/domineering toward others.

    How to Draw

    Draw a ball. Fill in with white (#ffffff) Draw the Combine claw logo to fit the bottom right in pirate gold (#b17c20) Draw the eyes, shape similar to Half-Life 2's Metropolice in black (#000000), and you're done, instead of drawing the eyes, you can draw the Half-Life 2 Metropolice helmet. (Optional)




    • Horror Technocracy - We will make them afraid, but we don't need their brains. Just turn them into Stalkers.
    • Fascism - Good job, the human race must be controlled, but I’m not a fan about applying my advanced technology with his ultranationalist fantasies.
    • Crux-Capitalism - You need capitalism, capitalism is the only way a government can function properly.
    • Oxygen Standard - Capitalize and tax oxygen on the resistance.
    • Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism - what the fuck am I doing here


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