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    Colorblind Nazism is an culturally right ideology that advocates support for Nazi and Nazi symbolism/heritage from a non-racial context and believes in the possibility of creating Nazi Germany again without using Racism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Violence, and Hate.

    Colorblind Nazis thinks that France were the real enemies and supporting the world's problems backed by up Bullies, Progressives and Communists.

    Colorblind Nazis also need more German soldiers in The Islamic Nations to combat Extremism of any kind.

    Colorblind nazism has a brother called Colorblind Neoconfederatism who have the same problems and they must team up without Alt-Right to combat the world's problems of today since 1945 anyways they where the right ones that fought against The Liberal Governments to this day.




    • European Federalism - Stop It Please.
    • Furry Nazism - You like the Anti-Animal Laws that have been set up by our Reich and you become animal to protect yourself from bullies well maybe that is okay.
    • Satirism - Clown Fetish creates bullying and violence.
    • Mediacracy - Fix Your News A Bit.
    • Alt-right - You are playing Hide N Seek with us all the time but this game was good well kind of.
    • AfDism - Maybe you turn down the bigot a bit.
    • National Feminism - Stop being slutty okay.
    • Stratocracy - Maybe.


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