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    Colombian Social Democracy

    Colombian Social Democracy (also know as Remism) is an economically center-left, slightly libertarian and progressive ideology. And the personal ideology of user remi900. it is the combination of social democracy and Colombia.

    ColSocDem's believes are almost all identical to that of Social Democracy. A welfare state with state regulation of the economy. What distinguishes him from regular SocDem is the fact that he's Colombian and speaks Spanish. But also that he's more open to the idea of socialism and will often hang out with socialist ideologies (especialy libertarian ones)

    For this, he is a bit more radical than regular SocDem. Being as progressive as you'll expect an AnCom to be. Expect to see him advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. He also And goes harder on workers unionzing and the creation of coops. Although his theoretical perfect society would still considered Socdem.


    ColSocDem is potriat as the stereotypical colombian. Especificaly one of the city of Bogotá. He really likes prog rock and will often try to get other balls in to prog rock. He also really hates librights and will make sure they know it

    How to draw

    1. draw a ball
    2. divide the ball in two parts horizontaly
    3. fill the top part with yellow
    4. divide the bottom half in two parts horizontaly
    5. fill the top part in blue and the bottom one in red
    6. draw a white rose in the middle
    7. add eyes and you're done!



    • Social Democracy - Thanks for all of your great ideas, father!
    • Colombia - I'm not sure what I got from you other than your language, but I sure do love my country. Viva la Colombia!
    • Market Socialism - Co-ops are based, and your system is pretty cool.
    • Labor Unionism - Unions are based!
    • LibLefts - You guys can be quite radical, but if you can help me achieve progressivism and welfare, then you are a friend in my book.
    • Social Georgism and Geosyndicalism - You're pretty based!




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