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    College Administrationism


    College Administrationism is the ideological manifestation of a stereotypical college/university administration in the United States. It is capitalist, civically moderate leaning authoritarian, and culturally progressive.

    It presents itself as a supporter of egalitarianism in general, in the form of supporting numerous progressive causes, such as feminism, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, environmentalism, and especially "equal opportunity for all", which it supports in the form of affirmative action. However, it is still primarily interested in maximizing profits, as an overseer of a private business, making students and sometimes their families go into debt to pay for tuition. It presents itself as sensitive to students' individuality, but in the grand scheme of things, it prefers to look at them as parts of statistics, putting them into data and graphs that they can brag about.



    • College Studentism - You're the reason I have power and money at all. So thank you. Sucker.
    • Plutocracy - A bit unethical even for me, but you do give me new buildings and new students to profit from, so I can't complain.
    • Neoliberalism - God bless the global market!
    • Social Liberalism - Equal opportunity for all! Wait, your ideology isn't about liberal arts?
    • SJW - Diversity! Justice! Equality! Whatever you're chanting, I definitely support it!
    • Multiculturalism - Did you know that our institution admitted students from 243,085 countries in the last academic year?
    • Scientocracy - Science and secular reason are great! Just don't get too tough on my theology major students.
    • Honor Council - Helps me catch students who cheat on exams and papers.
    • Police Statism - Keeps my students and profits safe.


    • Social Darwinism - Some think that my process of picking out the brightest stars among thousands of applicants resembles you. I beg to differ. I literally support affirmative action.
    • School System - I appreciate the work you do. I still run the superior educational institution, though.
    • Mathocracy - I agree that mathematics are vital to this world, but I would rather let my students pick whatever major they want, thank you very much.


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