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    The Cold War Mentality is an ideology that believes that the best possible state of the world is one in which there are two factions that are in constant tension or indirect conflict with each other. Though this can mean a communist and capitalist faction, it can mean any form of global tension with two massive factions, led by two superpower nations, that bring a large portion of countries into becoming proxy states of them and helping them do the fighting.

    It believes strongly in the power of the Military-Industrial Complex in keeping this constant tension fueled. It believes in the power of states to overrule individual liberties, both domestically and abroad, and unite people by both manipulation into paranoia and brute force to contribute to the continuation of this constant global tension.

    Personality and Behavior

    Cold War Mentality is extremely spiteful ball who wants to see camps of people pitted against each other, especially nations. Appreciates aggressive pawns who help do his fighting for him. Is always looking to escalate a situation without thinking about what might happen next. Hates mediators.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color the right side blue.
    3. Color the left side red.
    4. Draw half of a NATO symbol on the right side.
    5. Draw half of a yellow star on the left side.
    6. Draw a thin black line between both sides.
    7. Add stitches to the line.
    8. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Flag of Cold War Mentality



    • Stratocracy - Roll out the new tanks and planes!
    • Industrialism - It's called the Military-Industrial Complex for a reason!
    • Truman - One of my primary early architects.
    • Stalin - Another one of my primary early architects.
    • Neoconservatism - That Cold War thing was great! You really gave the Soviets and their allies a good fight, and your endless interventions in foreign nations was very based. Why did you want to win so badly, though? Why not take it slow? Forever?
    • Marxism–Leninism - Same with you! The Eastern Bloc, the paranoid political executions, and the proxy wars you started and fought with the western powers in were all a marvel to watch. It's a shame that you eventually collapsed though.
    • Imperialism - Yes, my darling superpowers! Expand your influence globally! Carve it up, camp it up!
    • Interventionism - Haha, proxy war bombs go boom boom.
    • McCarthyism - Mastered the art of paranoia spreading.
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - Useful warmongering proxy state. Thanks for putting up such a long and spectacular fight, that was great!
    • Person Dignity Theory - Useful warmongering proxy state. It was good while it lasted.
    • Juche - Useful warmongering proxy state. Literally still taking my inspiration, heavily militarizing, and invoking global fear to this day.
    • Ilminism - Useful warmongering proxy state. Shame you collapsed though.
    • Galacticism - Space Race, hell yeah!
    • Castroism - VERY useful proxy state, who helped keep the Americans very paranoid on their own homeland.
    • Bolivarianism - A fighter of so many spectacular proxy wars!
    • Banana Republicanism - Kept tensions high in a lot of Latin America, and put up great fights against anti-imperialist guerillas. I love it.
    • Caudillismo - Same with you. Love the iron-fist brutality, it adds to the drama.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - I like what you're doing with the US right now.
    • 50 Centism - Online war? Hell yeah!
    • Fourth Theory - Your opposition to US and the west is based, let's continue to unfold Cold War II.


    • Jingoism - Very based if between proxy states. Not very based if directly between superpowers. Gotta keep the war cold.
    • Anti-Imperialism - Idiot, but sometimes a useful one.
    • Scientocracy - Helps me by developing and advancing the superpowers, especially in warfare, creating yet another competition. Your lack of interest in partisan politics and desire to cooperate internationally are disturbing, though.
    • Wilsonianism - Pathetic liberal internationalist, but you were also one of the first American leaders to preach the Red Scare, which is based.
    • National Socialism - That general war mentality and whole global war thing you started were pretty cool, but it was direct, and you wanted it to have an end! Look how quickly you ended up sabotaging yourself. Why?!
    • Hoxhaism - Get out of your damn bunkers and stop isolating yourself! Be a useful proxy state!
    • Trumpism - I love your unapologetically inflammatory anti-Chinese sentiment. But you're not good at uniting the American people to most efficiently be paranoid about fight against the new eastern alliance.


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