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    Coakleyism is a new age-inspired the ideology of Welsh political rapper Mr Traumatik (real name: Marcus Coakley), it is an Anarchist Left ideology.



    While Coakleyism generally doesn't like Capitalism and the divide it brings, usually stating "its all a plan staged by the elites to divide us", he supports a socialised free-market and he supports the counter-economy.


    Coakleyism supports anarchy, but leans more towards working as a collective in an anarchist society and also supports a direct democracy.


    Coakleyism believes everyone should use drugs, but only natural psychedelics and organic marijuana and believes weed and psychedelics are healthy.


    Coakleyism believes religion is evil because gods are fake, but Coakleyism incorporates some religious aspects, mainly Tantra and Daoism. Coakleyism believes in the Tantric aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism, but not the deities or caste system of Buddhism and Hinduism. Because of this belief in Tantra, Coakleyism frequently does meditation, kudalini yoga, astro-traveling, manifestation, grounding, and sungazing and believes in Chakras. He also believes in Daoism, which is considered mildly religious to some extent, but Coakleyism doesn't believe in deities though it believes in the annunaki (evil demons/entites/spirits). His use of marijuana can also be compared to Rastafarianism. Another things Coakleyism puts a strong importance on is the belief that you can manifest (visualise) anything you want and it will happen if you believe in it enough. It supports traditional herbal medicines as well.

    Conspiracy Theories

    Coakleyism supports a variety of conspiracy theories and believes in evil free masonsFile:Satanic Theocracy.png as wells as the illuminati and new world order. Coakleyism believes that 9/11 was an inside job and the Iraq War was all a ploy to get Iraqi oil reserves. Coakleyism also believes that you shouldn't trust government vaccines, because they have toxins and microchips that a vaccine doesn't need, and believes we need to stop use vaccines that have chemicals and stick to the original natural vaccines. Coakleyism also believes in a lot of UFO stuff. Coakleyism is in heavy opposition to Fordism and believes Brave New World and The Matrix are real and the governments are using blissful ignorance to deceive us from the truth on the way to achieve true happiness and to be "enlightened" and how everyone can achieve this "enlightenment". Coakleyism states that not only did the USA fund jihad in the File:Cball-Soviet.pngSoviet-Afghan war, but also today.


    The Ravers


    The Dickheads

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