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    Clay is a soilball at the topmost of the Soil Texture Compass. It is made of 0% sand, 100% clay and 0% silt.



    While Clay is an Abmon.png Absolute Monarchy, all of the times the title of monarch was passed not by heritage, but through a coup.


    Clay dislikes chaos and enforces order with extremely totalitarian means.


    Clay believes in making really strong border walls made out of clay materials.


    Clay is a theocracy which enforces a belief in a deity called [seer].


    Since Clay is unable to grow any food itself, it's economy relies on conquered lands and trade. In trade Clay is mostly known for having the biggest pot industry.


    Instead of developing Posth.png robotics, clay uses golems as the automated workforce and military units.

    Fake news

    Clay believes in publishing fake news as propaganda against other soils, mostly File:Sandicon.png Sand which it hates for its disorderness.

    Fake history

    Clay believes in writing its own fake history called "lore" (which is completely uncomprehensible) as a way to confuse everybody else who tries to argue against clays views.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Clay thinks it is the best and that everything should exist only to benefit itself, somewhat similar to how Ego.png Egoism and Narcissist.png Narcissism act.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Clay
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color it light yellow (#FFFF9C).
    3. Draw two horizontal blue (#3351EB) stripes, one near top and one near bottom of the ball.
    4. Draw eleven brown (#863F23) bricks in the middle.
    5. Add the eyes.
    6. Done!


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