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    Classical Transhumanism

    Classical Transhumanism is a transhumanist ideology that supports that robotics and metal machines should be the base of the whole transhumanist ideology. Classical Transhumanism opposes Extrapsy.png Extraphysicism, Quan.png Quantumism, Esotrans.png Esoteric Transhumanism and all other non-conventional or recent transhumanist currents who are not exactly robotic and metallic.


    Classical Transhumanism is a hardcore materialist and supports ideologies such as New Atheism1.png New Atheism, Anti-Deathism-icon.png Anti-Deathism, Scientistic Aristocracy and Technocracy.png Technocracy.

    It is hardcore scientistic and rejects any possibility of existence of gods, extraphysical beings and even the existence of extraphysics, multiverses and anything beyond matter, physics and the universe we live in.

    Classical Transhumanism differs from Transh.png Transhumanism itself, because classical transhumanism usually seeks to preservate the original ideology of transhumanism and do not change the path of transhumanism, while transhumanism can accept other currents, ideas and theories inside it.

    Personality and Behavior

    Classical Transhumanism loves engineering and industrial technology. It dislikes younger transhumanists for being too unrealistic. He still hangs out with some transhumanists and makes new technology.

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