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    Classical Nationalism
    , or
    Common Nationalism
    , (short:
    ), represents the most common definition of nationhood and Nationalism shared by the vast majority of the world, particularly Europe and its surroundings. It defines the nation as a people / 'Folk' (Volk) which share a common culture, ethnicity, and language; sometimes also involving aspects like religion.

    Classical Nationalism views the term "Nationalism" as standing for several things, but boiled down to its basics, it wants to achieve national self-determination as well as welfare for the nation.

    In practice, many nationalists have taken to diminishing or undermining other, usually smaller, nations within their proposed borders; in theory however, Classical Nationalism is universal, believing that national self-determination should be enjoyed by not just the own, but also other nations. But as implied above, for which nations this principle actually ends up counting tends to depend on the circumstances as well as political culture when put into practice.


    Definition of the nation

    Classical nationalism defines the nation as being a group of people that share a common heritage, language, culture, ethnicity, and history; usually inhabiting a specific territory.[1][2]

    Aspects of Nationalism

    The primarily goals of nationalism are as follows:

    1. The creation and maintenance of the nation-state; thus ensuring sovereignty and self-determination for the nation.[3]
    2. The definition of the nation ━ most important stepping stone in every nationalist movement.[4]
    3. Welfare and happiness of the nation, that means also putting members of the nation first.[5]

    Personality and Behavior

    Classical nationalism wants self-determination for its (and usually also other) nations via a nation-state and wants to care for said nation's people. He likes being around his fellow more orthodox nationalists, but despises Civic Nationalism.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Classical Nationalism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Make it Orange
    3. Draw a dark blue silhouette of a waving flag
    4. Outline the flag with yellow
    5. Add the eyes
    6. Done!



    Further Reading

    Notes and references

    1. Heritage & ancestry, inherently ties into ethnicity, culture, and history.
    2. 'Culture' includes traditions, way of acting, and specific rituals.
    3. This means that the nation should be congruent with the state. It doesn't necessarily have to be a state, though in the vast majority of cases it is, other kinds of self-administering communities can also be strived for.
    4. Classical nationalism does this as per above, a definition accepted by most people.
    5. Caring for members of the nation, this is why some claim Nationalism to be inherently anti-capitalist.


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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.