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    Classical Liberal Distributism

    Enlightened Distributism (also known as Classical Liberal Distributism or DistLib) is an economically center-left to left-wing, culturally variable ideology. It is a combination of distributist economics and classical liberalism or radical liberalism. Borrowing heavily from classical liberalism's French tradition—including thinkers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and François Quesnay—he believes that too much economic inequality is detrimental to liberty. He sees the widespread ownership of wealth-generating property as necessary to preserving enlightenment values.

    Classical Liberal Distributism tends to support constitutional republicanism. Often, like Jeffersonian democracy, he likes decentralization. Economic views can range from free-market anti-capitalism to a market-friendly form of Diggerism. Unlike his mother, Distributism, he is not that devout of a Catholic; his cultural and social views can range from moderate progessivism to moderate conservatism.



    Ideological Relations

    Acquaintances of the Enlightenment

    On the Fence

    • Syndicalism - Too hostile towards liberals and a free market economy. But at least you want workers to be protected and paid fairly for their labor.
    • Liberal Corporatism - Points for you, you are a liberal and are against economic inequality. Points against you, you are too centralized and too friendly with big businesses and protectionist trade policies.

    Defenders of Feudalism

    Further Information





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