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    This is ArctoFire's old self-insert, for his current beliefs see Arctoism

    Arctoism is an economically centre-left, politically moderate, and socially & culturally variable but conservative leaning ideology. He believes in small 't' technocracy, pragmatism and ‘evidence-based policy’, which leads him towards social democratic beliefs, as he concludes it’s the best system based on evidence from countries that have tried it. However, he strongly dislikes woke culture, which makes him somewhat isolated from Social Democracy and the modern left in general.

    He shares similarities and gets on well with Paternalistic Conservatism, although he is a staunch secularist and open to certain progressive ideas. Arctoism is also an Environmentalist, signified by the fact that his rose is green.

    Economic Axis


    Arctoism believes that economically Social Democracy is correct and is the best economic system to have been tried. The Nordic countries as well as the German Social Market Economy (Ordo-Liberalism), particularly during the period from the 1950s until the 1970s, are models he wants to emulate. He supports some capitalism serving as an innovative force in developing new products and technology, but believes other capitalists are parasites who contribute nothing to society other than to make people worse off.

    Economic & Welfare Model

    Arctoism is an avid Keynesian, believing that the post-war economic boom from 1945-1973 proved it’s supremacy to laissez-fare economics, and that the high inflation in the 1970’s was due to unrelated factors like the increase in oil prices and radical left trade unions. He combines fiscal responsibility in times of growth with a willingness to spend in periods of economic crisis.

    He supports a mixed economy, believing in public ownership of utilities like water, electricity, and railways. However, he does not want the government to appoint the leadership of these companies directly, instead delegating it out to non-partisan committees of experts.

    Arctoism considers landlords and property speculators to be the prime example of parasitic capitalists, with him believing they make no positive contribution to society, only gentrification and exploiting citizens. To him, the state should have the predominant role when it comes to housing, with social housing and ‘rent to buy’ programmes for most of the population, with any private sector developments being subject to strict rent and price controls.

    In regards to public spending, Arctoism supports progressive taxation to support social welfare programmes and good quality public services. The state should provide the people with free education, public housing, universal healthcare, state pensions, disability benefit, parental leave, and child support, funded via taxation

    Collective Bargaining

    Arctoism believes that trade unions have an important role to play in reducing inequality and providing workers with protection. He supports a collective bargaining system, with trade unions working with businesses as partners rather than as adversaries. He sees the Danish model of 'flexicurity', with a liberal labour market but with a strong social safety net, partially provided by trade unions, as a good model.

    Trade & Globalisation

    Arctoism's position on trade tarrifs varies on the circumstance. However, he doesn't approve of unfettered financial globalisation, believing that the large role of foreign investors in national economies ties the hands of governments.

    Whilst foreign investment that trains workers, builds infrastructure, and brings valuable new skills to the country is good, predatory speculation from large financial institutions is not, and should be prohibited.

    He also believes that key infrastructure should not be outright owned by foreign companies, although he is not opposed to giving them construction contracts if they genuinely offer a superior service and skillset than the government or domestic companies could provide.

    Financial Regulation

    Arctoism supports numerous restrictions on the financial sector to prevent the emergence of destructive speculative bubbles and corporate domination, these would include:

    • Many state-owned banks
    • Large reserve requirements on private banks
    • Banning of property speculation
    • Banning stock buybacks
    • Currency Transaction Tax
    • Financial Transaction Tax
    • Digital Services Tax

    The government would invest in anti-tax avoidance mechanisms, and the currency would be entirely digital to maximise enforcement. All citizens would also be required to release public tax returns online. However, he wants it to make it easy for businesses to operate so long as they follow the law.

    Road to Achieving Social Democracy

    Arctoism is under no illusion that capitalists will oppose these measures, and will attempt to inflict economic damage through capital strikes if they are implemented too hard, too fast. The first stage of his economic program would include relatively mild measures, working within the framework of global neoliberalism, for instance:

    • Improving the quality of governance and reducing corruption
    • Raising ordinary income taxes and closing avoidance loopholes to fund social programmes
    • Establishing rent controls, banning property speculation, and building public housing
    • Implementing environmental measures
    • Investing to create a diversified and nation oriented economy

    Only then, when the nation is strong enough to be able to resist a capital strike, will he implement some of the more radical measures mentioned in the above section.

    Social Axis

    Arctoism’s views on social issues can vary depending on the issue.

    Secularism & Religion

    He strongly supports secularism and Laicism, particularly when it comes to the Islamic world where his views can verge on State Atheism. He doesn’t mind some religion, but it needs to be so watered down that it merely serves as a cultural aesthetic and personal identity in order to be acceptable to him.


    Arctoism believes that people should 'not be seen by the color of their skin but by the content of their character' and views racism as utterly obscene. Unfortunately, he feels modern woke militants reject this quote from Martin Luther King in favor of 'white privilege theory' and 'intersectionality' which he despises. To him, a 'colorblind' society is the goal, and sees modern woke as an obstacle to that. The focus on blaming white people for racism is alienating to the cause of racial equality, and is of itself racist.

    Arctoism opposes those that condemn western civilisation as being inherently racist. He believes that the culture of the west has been the driving force behind progressivism in history, and to him, the west is constantly held to unfair historical standards other cultures are not. For instance, getting condemned for the slave trade, despite the historical prevalence of slavery across many cultures, whilst the abolition movement that was a product of western Christian ethics is ignored.

    He recognises that there are still legitimate grievances that non-white people have, such as police brutality and racial profiling, and initially supported BLM after George Floyd's murder to reform the police in the United States. However, he grew more sceptical when it wasn't about police reform anymore but instead furthering woke intersectionalism and tearing down everything associated with the past. (although he did strongly support the removal of confederate symbols.)


    Arctoism is very aware of the risks of immigration, and is deeply concerned about the rise of 'parallel societies' amongst certain groups of immigrants, particularly Muslims, that don't assimilate well. He generally thinks the French have the right attitude when it comes to Muslim immigrants and standing up for their secular values against Islamism, whilst the Anglosphere is too soft and willing to tolerate Islamic fundamentalism in the name of diversity.

    However, he understands that immigrants have a positive impact on the economy, and will be needed more and more in the coming decades due to a shrinking working age population. To him there is no problem with immigrants as long as they are productive and assimilate into the culture and values of the nation.


    As part of this anti-woke stance, Arctoism believes gender in society should be synonymous with biological sex, with radical transgender fluidity being a ‘dangerous cult’ seeking to control society by thriving off emotional blackmail and indoctrinating children. To combat this, he wants the state to get involved in combatting the gender fluid ideology.

    The western LGBT ‘movement’ he dislikes and views as smug, subversive, and destructive, believing that they’ve got everything they could possibly want in the west and so pride parades only exist to taunt social conservatives. Whilst he is prepared to tolerate the LGBT movement as he recognises the majority don’t have a choice in the way they are, (even what he calls ‘legitimate trans’ people' who are sufferers of gender dysphoria) he generally wants them to live separately and not interfere with the rest of society. This does not mean however he dislikes gays and lesbians on a personal level, he just doesn’t think it should be made a big deal out of, whether positive or negative.


    Arctoism is quite pro-feminist. This is partly because knowledge of Islamic Theocracy gave him ‘genuine abhorrence’ of gender discrimination and leading him to believe that women’s equality is the hallmark of civilised society. However, this is to some extent is a marriage of convenience. He loves how Radical Feminism is against transgenderism and can get the attention of other progressives to engage in anti-trans arguments. Whilst he hates RadFem's demonisation of sex and men in general, he wants to promote them as an alternative to trangenderism to make the woke coalition be divided and therefore weak.

    He believes that women deserve equal representation in the legislature and in government, wants to combat the gender pay gap through making men and women have equal parental leave and requiring companies to submit pay audits, increase funding on domestic violence shelters, as well as other measures to make men and women as equal as possible.

    Drugs, Euthanasia & Abortion

    On issues like euthanasia, drug legalisation, and abortion, Arctoism is rather progressive. He has strong views in favour of euthanasia, believing its prohibition to be both cruel, inhumane, and a waste of the state’s money in keeping chronically ill people alive who do not wish to be. He believes the state should have absolutely no right to force people to live if they are suffering.

    As for drugs, he believes most should be decriminalised as enforcing bans is a waste of time and money as well as ineffective. He is pretty indifferent to abortion, believing it doesn't affect him and should be for women to decide. However, he does approval strongly of pre-natal screening for genetic disabilities.

    Criminal Justice

    Arctoism is relatively progressive in terms of criminal justice. He opposes capital punishment, saying that whilst in theory it makes sense for first degree premeditated murder, according to the principle of 'an eye for an eye', in practice he believes it not worth it due to the possibility of wrongful execution, and that life imprisonment without parole is as effective of a punishment.

    Whilst he believes that criminals should have to pay the price for their crimes, and doesn't support giving them the vote whilst serving time (although he thinks it should be restored when completed) as they have broken the social contract, he strongly supports rehabilitation if possible, and believes in good prison conditions as losing one's freedom to him is enough of a punishment. For serious criminals like paedophiles, rapists, and murderers, who are too dangerous to be released, he views their incarceration as a public safety issue rather than something that should serve as a means of revenge, and opposes all forms of degrading treatment and torture.


    Arctoism cares a lot about the environment and climate change. He recognises that governments are not doing enough and need to be pushed further to have bolder targets to phase out fossil fuels in order to prevent ecological destruction. However, he does think that mainstream Environmentalism can be quite anti-technology and obsessed with a simpler, less sophisticated way of life, to detriment of the environmental cause and people’s living standards, for instance with their rejection of nuclear energy and GMO crops. He also thinks they have become too tied to progressivism and have alienated social conservatives in tackling the climate issue, leading conservatives to become climate deniers in order to ‘own the libs.’

    He is a conservationist, believing that nature should be protected from destruction. He wants plastic waste strongly reduced and more recycling to reduce landfill and pollution of oceans.

    He believes the solution to the climate crisis should come from the adoption of new technology, such as renewable energy, nuclear energy, electric cars, synthetic meat, and hydrogen fuel and energy storage, as opposed to reduction in living standards. He also thinks that geo-engineering should be looked into as a means of reversing climate change and pollution, through direct air capture, genetically engineered plankton, and plastic eating microbes, among other things.


    Whilst disliking many elements of Transhumanism, particularly brain interfaces, due to concerns about large tech companies using it as a means to control people (potentially enabling the way for File:Hive-mind collectivism.png Hive-Mind Collectivism), Arctoism is very supportive of human genetic engineering. He believes it is wrong to have the ability to cure genetic diseases but refuse to do so because of an obsession about ‘diversity’ and ‘what about the Nazis?’. He is also open to minor alterations to make childbearing less painful for women. He is not an enthusiastic Transhumanist but recognises its likelihood and believes it’s the only way that humans can successfully colonise space.

    Civic Axis


    Arctoism believes in a combination of technocracy and File:Demo.png democracy. He thinks that the masses should have a voice in politics, but not too much, as despite them being able to feel the effects of politics on their own lives (whether they are better or worse off) most people’s understanding of politics is still fairly limited to the short term. He is also opposed to populism, with him viewing populist leaders as very dangerous for the politics and economy of a country, as countries like Venezuela show.

    He also doesn't think that democracy can be applied in the third world, and that it requires an educated populace and a strong level of human development in order to work effectively. For third world countries, he thinks a pure technocracy is the best system.

    Political Parties

    He believes that the role of political parties should be limited, with most government policy being devised by independent agencies made up of experts in that field . Whilst he thinks that some parties are inevitable, he thinks that they promote an adversarial political culture and static ideology as opposed to consensus and evidence-based governance.

    Legislature & Electoral System

    He also disapproves of the First Past the Post electoral system when combined with political parties, with him hating the adversarial two party politics it promotes. He believes FPTP can only work if all representatives are independents and serve their constituents as opposed to party whips, and if parties must be involved, an open list proportional system is required. He would like to see a lower chamber with a form of small district, open list proportional representation, and an upper chamber made up of entirely non-partisan, independent politicians, either elected in single member districts or being experts appointed by dedicated specialised agencies, or most likely a combination of both.

    Transparency & Civil Service

    He supports strong separation of powers, with the electoral commission (monitoring elections and updating constituency boundaries) and courts appointing their staff completely independently of the government. He is strongly pro-transparency and anti-corruption, supporting public tax returns for everyone and a specialised anti-corruption agency, completely independent of all other state agencies, to monitor politicians and prosecute them if they are found to have broken the law. He wants to get rid of politician’s immunity from prosecution, believing it to be outdated and that no person should be above the law.

    Campaign Finance

    Arctoism believes in Democracy Vouchers and thinks this will help solve corporate control over politics.

    It proposes that all ordinary monetary donations to political campaigns are banned, being replaced with funding by small E-vouchers that are given to every citizen. Citizens redeem these vouchers through a website linked to the Electoral Commission, where they get information about candidates and can donate their voucher to anyone they wish. All candidates have a maximum amount of money they can receive, to ensure a competitive race, and all have equal airspace on social media and television.

    Because parties would have to appeal to the masses as opposed to relying on corporate donors, he believes it would make politicians more receptive to voters and stop the toxic bribery that goes on when corporate lobbying, especially the fossil fuel and health insurance lobbies in the US.

    Views on US Constitution

    In regards to the United States, Arctoism believes they should write a new constitution. He finds the way that American’s treat their constitution as a national religion, despite it's very obvious flaws, to be quite silly.

    His biggest issue with it is how hard it is amend, believing the three quarters state ratification requirement is excessive. He believes the lack of flexibility has meant that the courts have become politicised, interpreting the constitution in accordance to their own political views as opposed to what it actually says. He views liberal justices and conservative justices as equally guilty in this issue, and responsible for much of the political polarisation the nation faces today.

    He thinks Americans should get a new constitution that is more democratic, or at the very least should be open to exploring radical solutions that would solve the dysfunctional polarisation.

    Diplomatic Axis

    Arctoism views global co-operation as important, particularly on issues like climate change and pandemics. He is generally a realist as opposed to an internationalist, accepting that global fairness and absolute world peace are most likely impossible, and that as long as things are working 'okay' , as in, there is no major world war, nuclear apocalypse, pandemic, or climate change disaster, that is as good as anyone could hope for.

    He is very anti-Islamist, and believes that the west should not trust so called 'muslim democrats', who are wolves in sheep's clothing trying to establish Islamism in their countries. He thinks that the western approach to the Arab Spring was naïve, ignoring the Islamist threat, and thinks the Middle East is better off with authoritarian yet secular leaders.

    He wants much stronger action taken towards countries that damage the environment, with him advocating sanctions on Brazil until they demonstrate that they are protecting the Amazon effectively.


    Arctoism enjoys debating and talking about politics, although sometimes he thinks he is too involved in it and wishes he could be like Apoliticism, as he seems to be untroubled by the state of the world, unlike him. Arctoism thinks he has great ideas but understands his lack of any political power and the rarity of his combination of views. When thinking about the distant future he can become nihilistic, and wonders why he even cares about politics because even if he got everything he wanted it wouldn't actually make him a happier ball.

    Arctoism tends to make people on the left extremely angry through his views on certain social issues, despite him aligning with them quite often. They like to call him a Nazi, which he isn't.

    However, Arctoism is very intelligent, and can very fun to be around and interesting to talk to. Other balls think it would do him good if he just took a break from politics every once in a while.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a ball
    • Make a yin yang symbol with red on the left hand side and blue on the right hand side
    • Draw a green rose in the middle
    • Give him some eyes
    • Done

    Arctoism's flag

    File:Arctoism Flag.png




    • Paternalistic Conservatism Based! A conservative that is actually intelligent and cares about the poor! Wish you were more common like you were in the 1950s. We agree on most things, you're a good guy, unlike most conservidiots these days...
    • Eco-Conservatism - Based! Wish there was more of you around. Why do most conservatives have to be idiots and deny man-made climate change which is a fact, leaving the issue entirely in the domain of these idiots?
    • Scientocracy - You're my definition of technocracy. You simply believe in evidence based policy and competent governance as opposed to that weird energy voucher shit.
    • Social Democracy - I love you. Your economics are the best to have ever been tried. It's disappointing though that during the 1960s you started hanging around with these morons, and by the 1990s they had taken you over completely. I wish you'd return to the good old days and kick them out of your friendship group! Still love ya though!
    • Laicism - Clericalism is a hallmark of backwardness, you are the correct solution. How dare the woke brigade call you Islamophobic! Especially considering what the Islamic fundamentalists would do to them if they were in charge (and actually do in the Middle East)!
    • Kemalism - You absolutely rock! You were the glow of the Enlightenment throughout the Middle East and modernised Turkey! I'm sorry most westerners didn't appreciate you enough and allowed you to be killed by File:Islamism.png Islamist scum. We will avenge you and bring you back to life!
    • Democratic Confederalism - You are the light in a dark region. You are absolute heroes who fight ISIS, as well as supporting pluralism, democracy, women's rights, and secularism. It is an absolute crime that the US betrayed you and allowed Turkey to invade you. You are everything they claim to support, but yet they sell you out to an Islamist regime! Shame on them!
    • Nordic Model - You have the best living standards in the world, so you have proven your supremacy over any other economic system. Why the rest of the world isn't trying to emulate you I simply do not know...
    • Keynesianism - The world was a much better place when you were in charge of economic policy!
    • Ordo-Liberalism - You're a great middle path between extreme statism and neoliberalism, and the West Germany economic model was a resounding success and rebuilt Germany as a thriving democracy. You're based!
    • SajZeal Model - Me but slightly more progressive and Technocratic.

    Kinda Friends

    • Liberalism - I mean what can I say, literally everything good about the west: constitutionalism, democracy, rule of law, legal equality, pluralism, secularism, and the welfare state (along with for that one) is your work. Do I support the idea of liberalism? Absolutely yes. Do I support modern Liberals with their wokeness? Hell no.
    • Environmentalism - I care a great deal about the environment and agree with you on wanting to solve climate change and preserve nature. But why have you become so intertwined with progressivism? You could get far more support from across the political spectrum if you stuck as a single issue ideology.
    • Eco-Capitalism - You've been the innovative force behind many green technologies, and you've brought the cost of renewable energy and electric cars down enough to be commercially competitive with fossil fuels, massively helping the fight against climate change. You're capitalism at its best, however, don't pretend you haven't benefited from government subsidies...
    • Liberal Technocracy - You're mostly alright, but you don't seem to appreciate the environment enough. You only care about it if it benefits humans, and don't believe it has any intrinsic worth.
    • Feminism - The goal of feminism, gender equality, is the hallmark of a civilised society, and our civilisation's crowning glory. I do respect you, but you have so many different variants. I strongly support the First & Second Wave goals. I don't like every type, particularly types that hate men and believe every single thing is sexist, but the core idea I support.
    • Technocracy - You have the right idea, but energy vouchers, seriously? Plus nobody knows what you actually stand for. Are you a government of scientists, of engineers, of just 'experts'? Are you a planned economy or can you be applied to any system? Can you co-exist with democracy?... you just confuse me.
    • Social Technocracy - Your variant of benevolent and incorrupt authoritarianism would work very well in a third world nation, where people are religiously fundamentalist and backwards and therefore democracy wouldn't work. However, in the developed world you would just be an authoritarian SJW, so no thank you.
    • Georgism - You correctly understand the problem with landlords, but I don't think you go far enough with a LVT and I don't think it would solve the housing crisis. Much better if the state takes over directly.
    • Piratism - I like your focus on improving government transparency and reducing corruption, and you realised the dangers of big tech before most. Open source software is also based! But transparency and privacy are opposed to one another, so a transparent state would trample on the privacy of politicians. I therefore think privacy is overrated and surveillance is justified. Your cultural leftism would probably lead you to disliking me as well.
    • Social Libertarianism - You're pretty cool, although I'm not fully sold on UBI. I think it might just inflate housing costs if that isn't fixed first, and it ignores the differing needs of welfare recipients. I get your point about automation and security, but that in my view would be better served through a Nordic style welfare state. However, freedom is nice.
    • File:CDem.png Christian Democracy - You're pretty cool. Your economic policies are terrific, especially in Germany. You don't really believe in the whole 'Christian' part of your ideology though do you?
    • State Atheism - I agree with you, religion isn't real and I like how you crack down on religious fundamentalist movements, particularly Islamism. However, surely some religious identity and culture is okay, so long as it stays at that?
    • Dengism - Your economic policies were a tremendous success, lifting millions of Chinese people out of poverty and further proving the supremacy of the mixed economy. You turned a corner from the Maoist disaster and China is now on the cusp of joining the developed world. You get a lot of criticism for human rights, particularly Tiananmen Square which never happened , but I think most people fail to understand that democracy isn't workable in the developing world, as India clearly demonstrates. Also, you were much more open and pluralistic than 'Xi Jinping Thought' which rules China today.
    • Democratic Socialism You do have some good ideas, but I'm not entirely convinced that replacing capitalism entirely with your model of socialism would be superior to Social Democracy or the Nordic Model. Seems like a big leap in the dark and would cause a lot of disruption, and you don't have a very successful record, who's to say you'll keep on being democratic?
    • Conservative Socialism - I used to be you. Love you former self, but trying to bring back the old left is a lost cause sadly... Also you're more economically left, I worry that your policies might not be effective at improving living standards.
    • Market Socialism - I appreciate your openness to experiment with markets, but I feel like you might cause a lot of unemployment, like what happened in the only place where you were tried.
    • Labour Zionism - I don't get why DemSoc dislikes you so much since you were pretty much the only real successful example of him. Kibbutz was a truly non-coercive type of communism, and you got far closer to Karl Marx's vision than anybody else. However, you ultimately failed.
    • KJ Nationalism - We do have similar ideas, except you're a bit more Technocrat, authoritarian, and socially conservative than me. Banning homosexual relations is pretty extreme dude!


    • Marxism-Leninism - You are very authoritarian and whilst your statist economics are good for the foundations of development, they cause stagnation after a certain point. I'm not a massive fan of you but at least you were secularist and also non-woke, as well as you improving women's rights, literacy, and public health in third-world countries.
    • Hoxhaism - You did some truly awful things and were extremely repressive, but your commitment to women's rights, education, public health, and secularism was a great thing! It's partly thanks to you that Albania is so secular these days!
    • Ba'athism - I much prefer you over File:Islamism.pngIslamism , but you were corrupt and dictatorial, and weren't very nice to the poor Kurds. You were also too obsessed with Israel but couldn't even win one war with them, and you promoted Islamism as a 'controlled opposition' in your later years, which led them to prominence. Still, you're okay I guess.
    • Radical Feminism - I don't like your demonization of sex and porn, but you are a gift sent from the gods to divide Progressives. Please, keep going, turn womenkind against transgender ideology!
    • Green Minarchism - I agree with you on environmentalism and transparency, but disagree on basically everything else.
    • Ozymandiasism - It would be lovely if humans could abandon nations in favor of a world government and human identity. Unfortunately, it will never happen, as nations are out for their own interests first and foremost, and history shows us that trying to impose a 'one size fits all' system onto other nations only causes war and destruction.
    • Transhumanism - I will admit that humans could do with a few tweaks here and there, but you seem determined to turn us into cyborgs. With brain interfaces, what's to stop Apple or Google from making us a File:Hive-mind collectivism.png Hive Mind Collective?
    • Distributism - I'm not a massive fan of the Catholicism, the obsession with rural life, and the dogmatic fixation with dividing up large scale enterprises into less efficient smaller ones, however I do appreciate your recognition that wealth needs to be more widely owned.
    • Bidenism - Well, you're better than Trump, and take climate change seriously, but to be honest, these things are the bare fucking minimum! I wish you the best, although I think America will be just as polarised and dysfunctional after your presidency.

    Not Friends

    • Trotskyism - You just go on all fricking day about Marxist literature in some musty broken down hall you've rented out using 'cadre' donations. You think you're on the cusp of leading a revolution but in fact you're just a bunch of sad, lonely, weirdos that everyone laughs at. Also is this the Judean Trotskyist Front or the Trotskyist Front of Judea?
    • Anarcho-Communism - You're not serious. You're just a frustrated, horny, teenage radical who likes the idea of anarchism because it means you won't have to do homework! Also you're not even a true leftist most of the time, just obsessed with woke and transgenderism, and play right into the hands of Pink Capitalism. Oh wait, none of you have hands.
    • FALGSC - This sounds like utopia in theory, basically Star Trek, but in reality, that part will never happen. In actual fact, with the emphasis on the 'gay' aspect, this will just be another movement who seeks to ostracise anybody who doesn't bow down to 100% of LGBTQAI+ demands.
    • SJW - Hate with passion.
    • Right-Wing SJW - I bet you're exactly the sort of loser who stormed the Capitol.
    • Gender Fluidity - Stop throwing your weight around, no I don't believe there are a million genders, deal with it!
    • Pink Capitalism - You're what keeps the postmodernist LGBT ideology as the cultural hegemon. You're the heart of the machine, unplug you and we kill the beast!
    • Airisuism - Absolutely hideous design. Classic woke leftist, you probably dislike me as much as I dislike you lol. I do like your sex positivity though...
    • File:American Model Icon.png American Model - You are the personification of stupidity, arrogance, and greed. Your influence on both the left and right on Britain has been toxic, you don't give your citizens healthcare, and your constitution is a pathetic mess! That being said, I do consume American fast food, American cinema, American television, American music, American brands, use American spellings, live a super-Americanized lifestyle, love the 1950s ideal of 'the American dream', spend loads of time talking to Americans online, love American style shopping malls, American theme parks..... I hate that I love you!
    • Neoliberalism - Your economics are horrible and screw over the poor. Plus you're pro-woke, yuck!
    • Virtually all Lib-Right Ideologies - You're selfish and don't give a shit about the poor, the environment, or virtually anything or anyone other than yourselves and money. We all depend on other people to live our lives, and yes, you should have to pay taxes if your business benefits from roads, sanitation, electricity, public order, and you got access to an education. Fuck off you destructive, greedy cunts!
    • Neoconservatism - Your stated intentions about spreading democracy are noble, but in practice you don't care about that and just intervene in the Middle East for Imperialist oil interests. Plus, you helped File:Islamism.png gain power, so fuck you!
    • Islamic Democracy - You sound okay in theory but in practice you're just a tactic of File:Islamism.png to gain power. No, you will never be the Muslim equivalent of Christian Democracy, you're in the Muslim Brotherhood's pocket!


    • Kakistocracy - You're what people have been trying to avoid since the dawn of human civilisation... but yet always seem to be what they keep on getting. At least you're funny though.
    • Kleptocracy - It's good you're wearing stripes already, because that's exactly what you'll be wearing when I throw you all in jail.
    • Trumpism - You're a Kakistocrat, a Kleptocrat, a climate change denier, and just about the worst person you could ever have as president. I've seen toddlers behave more maturely than you do! EDIT: And you incited an insurrection against the US government, so you know... there's that.
    • Bolsonarism - Your disregard for the Amazon is not just a danger to Brazil, but to humanity! You have turned your nation from a respected beacon of progress and promise into an international pariah! The international community should govern the Amazon and ensure its protection from you!
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - You would replace the state and civilised society in general with the rule of the mob. Your belief in the NAP and the idea that people will always have other choices when resources and land are limited is completely naïve and stupid when you literally don't have a government to enforce anything. Your system would be Feudalism, rule by organised crime racketeering firms, or both. Why you ended up as a serious ideology and not just an ironic internet meme I do not know.
    • Chavismo - You utterly destroyed your country and Neoliberalism always uses you as an example of why left wing economics is awful to attack any type of leftism. Your variant of socialism is ultra corrupt, dysfunctional, reckless, and authoritarian. Also your oil obsession is bad for the planet.
    • File:Islamism.png Islamism - You are the worst thing to ever happen to the Middle East and a cultural cancer. Secularists one day will get their revenge, and exterminate you for good!
    • Jihadism - The most extreme variant of File:Islamism.png Islamism, genocidal, totalitarian, you are sheer evil in every way. You are like dogs with rabies, should all be put down immediately.
    • Nazism - I mean you committed the Holocaust and started WW2, killing millions and turning most of Europe to rubble, so where did you expect to be placed? Also, you were so evil and barbaric that you discredited faith in western civilisation entirely, allowing the 1960s counter-culture and its descendants to lump it in with you and accuse anybody who disagreed with them of being you. So basically, go fuck yourself!
    • Stalinism - You were a paranoid, totalitarian psychopath who had the most talented and valuable members of Soviet society executed, including 80% of your army generals! Nazi-Soviet Pact was a disaster, allowing Nazi's to completely invade France before focussing all of their forces onto you, with you being completely unprepared, costing the lives of millions. You made WW2 far worse by your sheer incompetence! Wonderful taste in music and architecture though, your aesthetics are generally based!
    • Juche - It does intrigue me what Karl Marx would have thought of a country, that claims to subscribe to his ideas, being in actual fact the modern day incarnation of an Aztec or Ancient Egyptian style god-king totalitarianism. You're literally just totalitarian, esoteric, File:Absmon.png Absolute Monarchism with a bit of File:Ethnonationalism.png Ethno-nationalism mixed in.
    • Maoism - Where do I begin with you? You starved to death at least 40 million of your own people with your disastrous Great Leap Forward because you put ideology before common sense and expert advice. Also you destroyed important cultural artefacts in the Cultural Revolution, were a totalitarian despot, and an egomaniac. I sometimes worry that the wokeists will emulate you.
    • Pol Potism - Congratulations, you win the award for 'Communist Regime With Absolutely No Redeeming Characteristics Whatsoever!'. You killed 25% of the Cambodian population via starvation, labour camps, and executions of entire families. Even your national anthem sounded creepy as fuck. You are a literal death cult. Fuck you!

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