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    Civic Liberalism, clipped to CivLib, is the is an economically center-right , civically moderate, and culturally centrist self-insert ideology of user BernardFG2. Civlib advocates the preservation of established institutions and traditional principles within a political democracy, in combination with social and economic programmes designed to benefit the poor and middle-class According civic liberal philosophy, society should be allowed to develop in an organic way, rather than being spurred by government as advocated by progressivism.

    Ideological Summary

    • Liberal Democracy
    • Federalism
    • Semi-Presidential System
    • Reformism
    • Constitutionalism
    • Welfarism
    • Social Market Economy
    • Alter-Globalism
    • Environmentalism
    • Progressive Conservatism
    • Civic Nationalism
    • Interculturalism
    • Pro-LGBTQ+
    • Individualism
    • Permissive Society
    • Paternalism


    Government Spending

    CivLib is a strong believer in welfare to aid the poor and lower middle class such as temporary unemployment insurance or social security. However as much as Civlib argues in favor of social welfare Civlib heavily opposes government owned industry this includes universal healthcare and publicly owned education rather Civlib argues in favor of cooperation between the state and private corporations in matters where most welfarist argue for the socialization of these services. In terms of healthcare and public education Civlib proposes a voucher system to help the poor and middle class afford these services.


    Civlib is an advocate of the 'Social Market Economy' a socioeconomic model combining a free-market capitalist economic system alongside social policies and enough regulation to establish both fair competition and protection from exploitation which plagued capitalist economies in the 1800s.


    Civlib is a supporter of a land value tax inorder to replace property and income taxes. However if income taxes are not to be replaced then Civlib believes income tax should be capped at 43%. Civlib is also in favor of Capital Gains taxes not only from selling investments but also from the passive income provided by stock the rate would be progressive with low profit investments paying as low as 10% in tax and high profit investments paying as much as 33% in tax. Civlib also argues that sales tax should be replaced with a value-added tax and that corporate taxes should be raised to 19%.

    International trade

    He believes in free trade. However he recognizes the dangers of globalism such as the de-industrialization of the USA which lead to unemployment in the 1970s as a result he argues in favor of "positive protectionism" which is meant to promote local production by providing tax reductions and subsidies on locally produced goods rather than discourage foreign trade through tariffs.


    Civlib heavily supports environmental regulations (especially regulations to combat air and water pollution) and subsidies in order to reduce pollution and fight climate change. Civlib is a supporter of nuclear energy as a clean source of electricity and a way to achieve energy independence. He also supports a tax on carbon as a way to encourage businesses to pollute less.


    Liberal Democracy and Populism

    Civlib is a believer in the concept of liberal democracy, a system that is characterized by elections between multiple distinct political parties, a separation of powers into different branches of government, the rule of law, a market economy with private property, and the equal protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties and political freedoms for all people. As believer of liberal democracy Civlib heavily opposes modern populism. To civlib modern populism is defined as a movement heavily opposing the modern establishment and claiming to champion the people. Civlib's biggest critique of modern populism is its opposition to liberal democratic systems. One of the most important foundations of a liberal democracy is the rule of law, it is what maintains stability in a democracy. Modern populist subvert this expectation by "championing the people" and "opposing the elite" which supposedly run the government they justify subverting and undermining democratic institutions meant to uphold the rule of law and civil rights. This can be seen in Hungary under Viktor Orban or in Turkey under President Erdogan. Even when populist leaders do not fashion themselves as effectively dictators once in power they tend to cause distrust in the system by actively asserting their ideology and separating themselves between an "us and them" a mentality that only causes increased political polarization and tensions within the nation.


    As CivLib is a paternalist believes that government has a very important role to play in the lives of its citizens. He believes the Libertarian belief that government should stay out of peoples lives is utter folly. He believes that a government that does not listen and take an interest in its people will become aloof nad stray away from the people that it was meant to serve. While CivLIb argues infavor of freedoms such as the right to freedom of speech and expression as a Paternalist he believes that the state should be there to protect its citizens not only from crime but from themselves such as educating people on the dangers of substance abuse or banning use of cigarettes in public spaces.

    Civil Rights

    Civlib along with basic individual liberty (such as the right to freedom of speech) is a strong believer in civil rights. He believes in laws preventing government agencies and private businesses from discriminating based on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and religion. He supports paid maternity leave and contraceptives however opposes abortions beyond the 1st trimester. He is a supporter of the lgbtq community. However as much as he believes in civil rights and has some level support for feminism he is opposed to diversity quotas believing that they undermine both freedom and business and meritocracy.

    Law, Order, and Justice

    Civlib is heavily in favor of law and order spending however he also is in favor of heavy police and justice reform. Civlib argues infavor of a more rehabilitative system of justice in order to reintegrate criminals into society.


    Progress vs Tradition

    Civlib is a centrist in most things culture not being an exception. Civlib sees much value in certain traditions and institutions as a part of national identity. However he believes that progress is inevitable and should be embraced but not at the expense national and cultural identity. He heavily opposes revolutionary progressivism.

    Immigration and minorities

    Civlib opposes open borders however he does not oppose all immigration. He believes most immigrants should be given the opportunity to enter as long as they have the ability to speak the native language of the country and have no criminal record during the last 5 years. He also supports amnesty for illegal immigrants that have assimilated into the culture. Despite his views on immigration might tell you he is tolerant of already present cultural minorities, and heavily opposes racism and xenophobia.


    Civlib believes that while the church and state should remain separate and distinct he believes religion should be represented in politics or at least play a role in policy making.

    Foriegn Policy

    Civlib generally opposes war believing in diplomacy as the solution to most international disputes . He supports international groups like the UN or Asean but in the case of the EU he believes it is in need of serious reform due to its dysfunctionality. While Civlib favors diplomacy he is not a pacifist and will not stray away from usage of force. He supports some interventions like the Korean and Gulf wars or the Bombing of Serbia by Nato in the 90s.

    Personality and how to draw

    • this is not meant to accurately reflect user BernardFG2's personality

    Civlib is generally calm and pragmatic. He avoids topic that will knowingly anger him but when he does get angry it will usually blow over in a massive burst of rage before quickly subsiding. He speaks in a light britishaccent. He can easily be seen as smug and a bit shrewd at times but will nonetheless apologize if he comes off that way. Overall just imagine Nelson Rockefeller or Tonly Blair with a light boston accent or something.

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a yellow (top) and navy blue (bottom) bicolor
    3. Draw a white ball in the middle of the bicolour
    4. Draw four red lines on the white ball coming from the bottom left
    5. Draw the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #FCD800 252, 216, 0
    Navy Blue #000080 0, 0, 128
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255




    • Christian Theocracy - Any sensible Christian knows state and church should remain separate.
    • Conservatism - There is value in tradition but you can't really halt progress
    • Progressivism - Progress is good but it should not come at the expense of our culture
    • Neo-Arctoism - You call me very based but to me you are a mixed bag.
    • Libertarianism - You take freedom and capitalism way to far some times.
    • Glencoeism - Your economic policies are kinda cringe but your social views are ok.
    • Authoritarianism - While I agree laws should be obeyed and that government is mostly a good thing you take government authority a little too far.
    • Market Socialism - Atleast you understand the need for market based economies.
    • Democratic Socialism - You believe in reform which is good, but also socialism which is cringe.
    • Liberal Socialism - L-Lib gang....?



    Glencoe- add me

    • Civic Liberalism - done
      • Glencoe- nice ball design btw
        • Civic Liberalism - thx


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