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    City Building Tendency is a culturally centrist, Economically left and Authoritarian ideology based off self-proclaimed "Progressive Marxist-Leninist" YouTuber and speaker Caleb Maupin.


    Maupin is a Marxist-Leninist and self-described Anti-Imperialist, He is very citical of US Foreign Policy but still considers himself a "patriotic socialist"





    • National Bolshevism - I am NOTHING LIKE YOU! (I will go to your conferences and praise you all the time though, especially considering the left is completely in the pocket of (((George Soros))))
    • Transgenderism - I support you but not TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY! But I am not Transphobic I WENT TO PRO-TRANS RALLY SO I CAN NOT BE TRANSPHOBIC EVER AT ALL!


    • Thought Slime Thought - SLIME? Workers are trying to GET RID of the slime that is US imperialism, we're trying to get rid of the slime that is global capitalism, I find it disturbing THAT YOU SUPPORT ALL OF THOSE THINGS!
    • ContraPointsism - You say that the OK handsign is Nazi! (proceeds to say that the OK handsign is Nazi)
    • BreadTube * - CIA OPS!!!
    • Trotskyism - CIA OPS!!!
    • Jacobinism - You guys are trying to cancel me!
    • Pol Potism - Basically Breadtube

    1. "'Abolish Billionares' is a fundamentally non-Marxist statement."
    2. https://libcom.org/article/caleb-maupins-former-comrades-speak-out-his-abuses-must-stop
    3. CPI have sold Gaddafi’s Green Book at their events, and the organisation is governed in a Gaddafist manner (i.e. Maupin holds no official administrative role, but is written into CPI’s constitution as its ‘Ideological Leader’)
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