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    Circlejerkism is the belief that all of a person’s political opinions should be conceived from Reddit circlejerks. Is frequently seen watching PornHub, which is the only source of television allowed under Circlejerkism. Due to their insane suppression of free thought, they can be described as Fascist or even Orwellian.


    Circlejerkists believe that obese neckbeards from r/atheism and powertripping jannies from r/AHS are the ultimate authorities when it comes to where people get their opinion. Because of this, Circlejerkists have IQs that rival that of Kakistocrats. Also, porn is the only thing that Circlejerkists are allowed to watch so they can fuel their circlejerks. Quite recently, actually, Circlejerkists have made the switch to exclusively PornHub due to the fact that they only showcased ebony for a few months, causing chants of “YAAAAAAAAAS KWEEN!” at 1,000 dB that are capable of shattering eardrums and melting internal organs.

    Notable Practicioners

    • u/spez (Reddit C.E.O)
    • u/Gallowboob
    • u/Bardfinn (probably the worst offender on this list)
    • u/Merari01
    • u/N8theGR8
    • u/Raldi (has been inactive for years)
    • u/kn0thing (recently cucked himself in BLM’s honor)
    • u/karmanaut
    • u/Cyxie
    • u/DubTeeDub
    • u/Things_Make_Me_Sad
    • u/Tobias_Survived (recently got blitzed by 4chan)
    • u/Armored_Snowman (filthy unflaired PCM mod)
    • u/Newcool1230
    • u/Baphomets_Daughter
    • u/BelleAriel
    • u/IRLourpresident
    • The moderators and users of the following;
      • r/atheism
      • r/AgainstHateSubreddits
      • r/darkjokes
      • r/TopMindsOfReddit
      • r/masstagger
      • r/Sino
      • r/MarchAgainstNazis
      • r/dankmemes
      • r/GamingCirclejerk
      • r/GenZedong
      • r/PoliticalCompassMemes
    • Ellen Pao
    • Kamala Harris
    • Bernie Sanders
    • Rudy Giuliani
    • People who back out of lemon juice paper cut

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