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    Circle Way Democracy , or Circle Democracy short CWD, is a decision-making method that can be used in politics instead of classic Democracy.

    Because of its many differences to indirect and direct democracy, it is also popular among Anti-Democracy and also can be seen as some form of Anarchism as far as it neglects social hierarchies and thereby eliminates dominion.

    CWD consists are following rules:

    1. All participating people gather in a circle.

    2. A person who is the active speaking, speaks as long as they wish without being interrupted, until they feel like it's the right time to pass it on.

    3. Necessarily the next person sitting left from the last speaker becomes the new speaker.

    4. Every person has to use POV mode, which means that there are no accusations. The speaker only says what they see and think and what makes them feel in what way. Feelings and sensitivity are important to include all the time.

    The long and undisturbed speaking time include all perspectives and argumentative details that wouldn't be given room in other decision-making processes. Also everyone's opinions are necessarily heard. That increases empathy and the unification of common goals leading to an increase in agreement. Decisions should be made with around 80% or 90% agreement minimum.

    In a pure Circle Way Democracy there is Federalism in which communes gather for communal management, wishes for regional management and delegation of representatives for regional circles. In regional circles regional management, wishes for national management and delegation of representatives for the national circle will be developed. In national circles only the extreme broadly agreed things will be managed by regional representatives.

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