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    Churchillism is the ideology of UK prime minister Winston Churchill.


    Churchillism has the same personality as Winston Churchill. He enjoys a nice cigar, drinking and hates his wife.

    How to Draw

    Draw red ball

    Add dark grey top hat.

    Coat of arms.



    • New Deal Liberalism - War time president from America helped me destroy the Nazis.
    • Conservatism - The tories were better when i led them.
    • Apoliticism - I hate my wife too.
    • Imperialism - Hail Britannia!
    • Patriotism - Britain Good.
    • Sinophobia - "I think we shall have to take the Chinese in hand and regulate them. I believe that as civilized nations become more powerful they will get more ruthless, and the time will come when the world will impatiently bear the existence of great barbaric nations who may at any time arm themselves and menace civilized nations. I believe in the ultimate partition of China—I mean ultimate. I hope we shall not have to do it in our day. The Aryan stock is bound to triumph."


    • Stalinism - I may seek to destroy your communist influences from Europe, but nevertheless you were still needed in taking down the Nazis.
    • Conservative Feminism - I hate my wife.
    • Democracy - The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. But democracy is still the best of the worst system.
    • Georgism - I used to supported Georgism believe it or not. A good try, but a bit dated to be honest.
    • Trade Unionism - At least you are not S*cialism...
    • Attlee Socialism - My ally in war but my adversary in peace.
    • Gaullism -


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