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    ChronicLiberalism is the self-insert of ChronicLuna. She is liberal, civically libertarian leaning, economically centre-right, and culturally liberal.


    Economic Policy

    ChronicLiberalism supports a social market economy. She supports ease of doing business along with a social safety net. She only supports regulations in special circumstances, such as protecting consumers and the environment. She also supports some government measures to promote competition.
    She supports free trade. She opposes barriers to trade between countries in almost all circumstances.

    Freedom of Speech

    ChronicLiberalism opposes most government regulations on speech and expression. This includes laws restricting hate speech and obscenity. She also opposes any attempts to amend the Constitution to ban flag burning.


    ChronicLiberalism supports feminism. She believes men and women should have equal rights under the law. This includes the ability to vote, own property, work, and more.
    She supports the legality of abortion in most cases. After 20 weeks, she thinks it is fine for states to restrict the practice, as long as there are exceptions for health and life. She also believes in legal access to contraception and comprehensive sex education to prevent unwanted pregnancies, especially with teenagers.


    As a member of the community, ChronicLiberalism supports LGBT rights. She supports the legality of gay relationships and marriage. She also believes same-sex couples should be able to adopt children.
    She opposes laws passed in certain states restricting the rights of transgender people. She does not support legislation transgender healthcare or the ability of transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. She supports the ability to change gender markers on birth certificates and identification documents through self-identification.


    ChronicLiberalism supports the right for law abiding citizens to purchase and own firearms. She doesn't see this right as unlimited due to concerns with public safety. Since different states face different problems when it comes to gun violence, she would rather gun laws be implemented on a state and local level than nationally.
    She opposes assault weapon bans and other highly restrictive measures interfering with gun ownership.


    ChronicLiberalism supports a form of basic income to combat poverty. She leans towards a negative income tax. She supports this over universal basic income because UBI is too unconditional. Through NIT she hopes welfare spending and the welfare bureaucracy can be reduced.

    Parties I Support Globally

    Recommended Literature

    Note: Just because I recommend something doesn’t not mean I agree with all aspects of it.


    • W.I.P.




    Kinda Based

    • Rockefeller Republicanism - A good American Republican. Honestly your followers are often better than generic Democrats. Your followers are bad on some issues though. Praying liberal Republicans make a comeback someday.
    • Social Liberalism - Too friendly towards undue state regulation but usually you are acceptable.


    • Conservative Liberalism - Philosophically an interesting liberal tradition. Many of the politicians and political parties that follow you are too socially conservative and too supportive of laissez-faire for my liking.
    • Liberal Conservatism - You're a conservative, but you'll stand up for liberal democracy and sanity. Your Western European followers are often culturally liberal, which is great. I just dislike how devoted you often are to austerity.

    Kinda Cringe

    • Neoconservatism - Support for liberal democracy abroad is good. However, you have eroded democracy in multiple countries in the Third World. Your advocates have often pushed for conservative policy domestically too.



  • Beryism - Very based ideologically, and a friend.
  • Neo-humanism - I agree with many of the positions on your page.
  • Neo Social Libertarianism - Good domestically, and less hawkish than I thought.
  • Kinda Based


    Kinda Cringe


    • Atronism - I’m anti-communist.
    • Ego-Progressivism - I was once a post-lefist. Now I'm not.
    • Meridionalism - Another leftist ideology. But you want Southern secession? Not good.
    • Neo-Murba - Like I said before, I am not a fan of anti-capitalist ideologies. So no thanks.


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