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    Flag of Christian Nihilism

    Christian Nihilism is a christian ideology that believes new-age laws, policies and attitude has led to the downfall of christian values and beliefs and further more has caused the world to come to shit.

    Christian Nihilism believes they should conduct mass violence against more sinful and heretical communities and businesses such as the porn industry, LGBTQ+ community, neo-pagan communities and there of because the world has already become so sinful that they'd only be making it holier despite their extremist measures.

    This could be considered a Christian version of Jihadism.


    Christian Nihilism hates free-sex life styles, LGBT, porn communities, neo-pagan religions and all the like. Christian Nihilism knows killing is sinful, but believes its own damnation is worth eradicating certain people to ensure a holier future, which begs him the question: "Is this sort of killing justified in God's eyes?".





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    • Christian Communism - Helping the poor is based, but you hang around with far too many degenerates.
    • Anarcho-Pacifism - "You can't expect God to do all the work".
    •  Mikolayism - You don't go far enough. Stop allowing degenerates to exist within your system and don't be so moderate. Also, why are you such a statist?



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