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    Christian Communism is an economically far-left, generally authoritarian, and culturally variable, but often conservative ideology based on the communist ideas with Christianity. They believe that Jesus compels the Christians to support communism and socialist ideals.


    German Peasants' War

    The German Peasant War was a large-scale peasant uprising that broke out in 1524. At the beginning, it was a local peasant uprising and later extended to most of the southern regions (southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The peasants raised clear requirements for the first time by proposing the Twelve Clauses Uprising. In 1525, the uprising was suppressed in Schwaben, Franken, Alsace and Turingen. The 1526 uprising was extinguished in Saxony and Tyrol. Similar uprisings had broken out in Britain and Switzerland before the peasant uprising broke out.

    Münster Rebellion

    The Münster Rebellion took place after the German Peasants' War, in which they attempted an Anabaptist Christian Theocracy between 1532 (in fact 1534) and 1535 in the Holy Roman Empire. The foundations of the community believed that the Bible claimed absolute equality and distribution of all goods. In Münster, several men were soon baptized and others were apparently rebaptized with the support of Bernhard Rothmann. The rebellion ended in 1535, after being taken over by the besiegers of the Holy Roman Empire, in which all the leaders were tortured and executed and their bodies exposed in public in cages.

    Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

    The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was a state in China from 1851 to 1864. It was formed by Hong Xiuquan, who claimed he was the younger brother of Jesus and tried to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and install a Christian Theocracy. While not necessarily communist, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom implemented numerous policies similar to communism, such as abolishing private property and the creation of a classless society. The war between the Qing Dynasty and Taiping Heavenly Kingdom would be known as the Taiping Rebellion, and would result in between 20-30 million deaths, making it one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history, second only to World War 2. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom issued "The Land System of the Heavenly Dynasty". This system tries to abolish feudal land ownership and distribute land equally according to population and age. But today's historians believe that it is utopian and wrong, because this system is based on the average of small-scale peasant economy.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Constantly bugs people about how the working class is getting exploited but uses Jesus as a way to spread love. Genuinely cares about all people on Earth, but is often considered annoying by people with different beliefs.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Christian Communism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill in with red.
    3. Draw a cross and sickle in yellow.
    4. Draw in the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #CD0000 205, 0, 0
    Yellow #FFD800 255, 216, 0




    • Catholic Theocracy - I sometimes agree with you, but you need to stop calling me a fake Christian. Also, communism is fine!
    • Liberation Theology - You're headed in the right direction, but you're too moderate, and you hang out with him a bit too much for my taste.
    • Marxism–Leninism - You have great economic ideas, but the whole “crackdown on religion” thing has got to stop...
    • Stalinism - At least you softened up after 1941.
    • Reactionary Socialism - Has some good ideas but is a bit too extreme on the social axis. And feudalism? Really?
    • Falun Gong - Another friend from China who praised me as one of the "Sages of the Zhonghua minzu" But it’s a shame that he is a staunch anti-communist.
    • Anarcho-Communism - Peasants' army was kind of decentralized and democratic.


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