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    Chrislamic Theocracy is a type of theocracy that has Chrislam as the basis of a state religion. Chrislam or Nigerian Chrislam (also known [rarely] as the Chrislamic Movement) is a term that refers to the blending of Christianity and Islam. It is used to describe an approach to spirituality that seeks to integrate elements of both religions in an attempt to promote greater understanding and cooperation between the two communities. The concept of Chrislam is controversial and has been criticized by both Christian and Islamic leaders, who argue that the two religions are fundamentally incompatible and cannot be blended together in this way. First originated in Nigeria in the 1970's, especially in a time of tension, conflict and violence, between the two religious communities in Nigeria between the Muslims and Christians, it became an influential and recognized religious group in Nigeria, but it is unknown whether it spread beyond Nigeria's borders in the 21st Century.


    The First Wave: Tela Tela and Ifeoluwa (1976 - present)

    Little is known about Tela Tella in full definiition, for there is no complete biographical record and information about him, but he was generally known that Tella was originally a Muslim prior to his revelations that necessitated his career as a Chrislam preacher. He founded Ifeoluwa in 1976, which is Yoruba for "God's love" in English, which becomes the first significant Chrislamic Movmeent. It emerged after the long-term effects of 1953 Kano riot had felt into Nigerian society, where it paved the way to further religious violence in Nigeria and the tensions started to reveal thier first cracks between the Muslims and Christians as a result of the riots.

    Similar to Islam, Ifeoluwa is based on 5 pillars: "love," "mercy," "joy," "good deeds," and "truth." Tella refers to himself as "an instrument in the hands of God," and that God communicates with him through divine revelations. Tella states that like Muslims have Mecca, and Christians have Jerusalem, the holy site of pilgrimage for Chrislamists is Mount Authority, which was divinely chosen by God. Tella states that the holy scriptures of Islam and Christianity are "incomplete and contain some inaccuracies." Hence, Tella is working on compiling the Ifeoluwa Book, which will be the last Holy Book containing his divine revelations.

    The Second Wave: Dr. Samsindeen Saka and Oke Tude (1989 - present)

    Oke Tude is a religious movement in Nigeria founded by Dr. Samsindeen Saka. Dr. Saka is a Nigerian Muslim scholar and cleric who founded the Oke Tude movement in 1989. The movement seeks to promote greater understanding and cooperation between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, and its members engage in joint worship, study, and service. Oke Tude is similar in many ways to the Ogbómòsó Society of Chrislam, and both organizations share a similar goal of promoting inter-religious harmony.

    Dr. Saka is a controversial figure in Nigeria, with some seeing him as a visionary who is working to promote peace and understanding between different religious communities, while others view his ideas as misguided and potentially dangerous. Despite this, the Oke Tude movement continues to grow and has a significant following in Nigeria and beyond.

    In Oke Tude, unlike Ifeoluwa, it only recongizes the Quran and Bible as scriptural authority. It stipulates that progress in life is inhibited by evil powers that hold persons trapped in bondage with Satan. Sermons involve both the Quran and Bible, worship songs and dance, and Saka's sermons - which he calls lectures. Moreover, Saka emphasizes the shared origins of the two faiths as Abrahamic religions.

    The Third Wave: - Ogbómòsó Society of Chrislam (OSC) (2005 - present)

    The Ogbómòsó Society of Chrislam (OSC) is an organization that seeks to promote the blending of Christianity and Islam in Nigeria. The organization was founded in 2005 and is based in the city of Ile-Ife, in southwestern Nigeria. The OSC is primarily focused on promoting religious tolerance and understanding between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, and seeks to bring together individuals from both communities to engage in joint worship, study, and service. The organization has been praised by some for its efforts to promote inter-religious dialogue and cooperation, while others have criticized its approach as misguided and potentially divisive. Despite this, the OSC continues to be active and has a significant following in Nigeria and beyond.

    The New Wave: Novus Chrislamiyya (21st Century onwards)

    In the third wave of Chrislam, a new school based on Theistic Rationality had emerged as a response to the conditions of religion in the 21st Century and beyond. With this condtions, especially in a multipolar world, it has begun to evolve into a new form of Chrislam.

    The New Wave of Chrislam believes that the use of reason and personal responsibility and held that God's attributes were consistent with His justice and mercy. It believed that human beings have free will and are able to choose between good and evil, and that good deeds are necessary for salvation. It believes that, through reason, one could gain a deeper understanding of God and the natural world, and that this understanding would complement and deepen one's faith. It also emphasized that emphasizes the idea that the divine wisdom, is an active and personal presence in the world and in the lives of individual human beings because of rationality. It views the world as a manifestation of divine wisdom and sees the role of human beings as participating in this wisdom through their spiritual journey and union with God.

    It places a strong emphasis on the use of independent reasoning and the study of the Quran and Bible and the teachings of the Jesus Christ and Muhammad, and they have a distinct legal tradition and approach to religious interpretation.


    The beliefs of Chrislam can vary depending on the individual or group practicing it. Generally, Chrislam seeks to reconcile the teachings and practices of Christianity and Islam by recognizing the common values and beliefs shared by both religions. This might involve combining elements of Christian worship with Islamic prayers, or incorporating Islamic ideas of social justice and moral guidance into Christian theology. However, there is no universal set of beliefs associated with Chrislam, and the exact nature of this spiritual approach can vary widely. The overarching idea, however, is to promote greater understanding and cooperation between Christians and Muslims and to consolidate them into one unifying religion.


    He is friends with Christian Theocracy and Islamic Thoecracy, even when they got heated, but they both dislike Chrislamic Theocracy everytime. He always keeps the Bible and Quran in his pocket; often goes to Mosque and Church at the same time. [In the case of Ifeoluwa Chrislam, he can be occasionally seen carrying the Ifeoluwa Book.]

    Stylistic Notes

    • Loves a combination of Gothic and Islamic Architecture, especially his house as well!
    • Speaks in combined Arabic and Greek, to the point other balls call him deranged.
    • Has a collection of Dune books in his house.

    How to Draw


    1. Paint the background in Lime color.

    2. Draw the combined crescent and star.

    3. Color it in dark yellow-green.

    4. And you are done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Lime #32CD32 50, 205, 50
    Dark Yellow-Green #728f02 114, 143, 2


    The Flag of Chrislam [Second Version/Second Variant]

    1. Divide the flag into two sides vertically.

    2. Paint the left side yellow.

    3. Paint the right side green.

    4. Place the crescent in the yellow side and paint it in green.

    5. Place the cross in the green side and paint it in yellow.

    6. And you are done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #FFCC00 255, 204, 0
    Green #00FF00 0, 255, 0



    Abrahamic Theocracy - Why don't the children of Abraham get along well? We shall become one!

    Islamic Theocracy - The Prophet Muhammad is one of the Children of Abraham.

    Sunni Theocracy - One of the largest Mainstream Islamic denominations out there, and an inspiration to Chrislam as a whole.

    Christian Theocracy - Our Saviour Jesus Christ is also one of the Children of Abraham.

    Catholic Theocracy - One of the largest Mainstream Christian denominations out there, and an inspiration to Chrislam as a whole.


    Abrahamic Unitism - Brother, although you are influenced from my teachings and be inspired by me, I think you don't need to be paranoid about the changing situation of the world. Change is natural, brother, and we should adopt to perceived changes in our society.


    Satanic Theocracy - Oh, you - [REDACTED]

    Cultism - More devil spawns of Iblisatan! Also, we are not a cult, we are a new religious movmement thet works for the people!

    Islamic Fascism / Jihadism - By God, behave yourself. I WILL GIVE YOU BOTH A TASTE OF MY SHOE!

    Clerical Fascism and its other Christian Fascist Variants - So do you! *Gets sandals* I WILL SEND YOU TO JESUS!


    Nigerian Chrislam

    (Case Studies)


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