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    Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism

    Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism is the sub ideology of Chirotesla (new).png and third world version. Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism is more progressive than Chirotesla (new).png /Chirotesla (new).png 's general cultural views. It would be deal with African, Middle east, and South Asian nations. It believes that third world country is underdeveloped. It believes in authority to secure national stability, social justice, mass-education, and mass-industrialization.


    Civil axis

    Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism is civically authoritarian (mostly) because there are a lot of third world countries that are suffering from long civil war. Free-speech and free press would be limited. If third world country become developed and stable country, it would have transition from authoritarian to democratic safely.

    Economic views

    Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism is still same to Chirotesla (new).png 's economic policies. It believes in mass-industrialization. It believes that developed country would be the greatest achievement in the third word.

    Social views

    Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism is socially progressive. It strongly supports racial, ethnic, gender equality, and secularism. It believes that there are gender inequality, social hierarchy, forced marriage, arranged marriage, ch*ld marriage, FGM, and more in the third world. It wished to suppress them violently or outlaw them. It believes that the equality between genders would be the greatest achievement in the third world.

    It firmly supports freedom of religion and against forced conversions. If any third world countries are very religious (which may have no freedom of religion and be very close to fundamentalism), mass-secularization would be implemented.

    Examples of how Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism would be implemented


    In Afghanistan, Chiroteslaist-Third Worldism first would embrace authoritarianism to build the republic state and stabilizing politic situation. It also would embrace progressivism to make Afghanistan prosperity. Firstly, it would launch a re-education program for radical Islaimists and tribalists. It beleives that radical islamic and tribalist elements must be eliminated from Afghanistan, holding back Afghanistan to regression and is seen as effects of neoconservatism and imperialism. Revolution would be required to get rid of those holding back Afghanistan.

    After purging against the elements holding Afghanistan back to the regression era (like stone age, etc), secularism must be implemented because current Afghanistan religious implementation in a society will lead to being Islamic theocratic state easily. State-sponsored Islamic sect is necessary because it will purge radial Islam effectively. Then, a transition to the industrialization program of Afghanistan and the technocratic state with market socialism characteristic is needed to make Afghanistan to become a tehnologically advanced and developed nation, while keeping strong military to protect the Afghanistan from external (eg: Western imperialists and their puppets, etc) or internal threats (eg: Terrorists, etc). That would be to aim to create a stable, secular, and prosperous nation.

    After achieving stable, secular, and prosperous nation, the transition from authoritarian to democratic nation would be safe. Freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of expression would be granted and preserved.



    • Chirotesla (new).png - my parent! you have taught me! We must liberate underdeveloped third world countries from oppressions and exploitation!
    • Sankara.png Sankarism - my main inspirations!
    • Prog.png Progressivism - we need progress to make any underdeveloped country to develop!
    • Laicism.png Laicism - good buddy! we should separate religion from state! not society!
    • Fem.png Feminism & Menslib.png Men's Liberation - we firmly support gender equality!


    • Sec.png Authoritarianism - depends on, we need authoritarianism if country is suffering from long civil war.
    • Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary Progressivism - based for progressing third world to prosperity and removing reactionary elements from third world. but you go too far.


    • React.png Reactionary - we should combat this fuckers!
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Damn neocolonialists! stop destroying third world countries!
    • Imp.png Imperialism - fithy! death to imperialism!
    • Pat.png Patriarchy - No, gender equality stronk! haha time to outlaw forced marriage, arranged marriage, r*pe, and FGM go brrrr!
    • Radfem.png Radical Feminism - filthy sexist! fake feminist! literally SJW!
    • Christy.png Muslim 2.png Hind.png Bud.png JewTheo.png Theocracies - No, secularization go brrrr!


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