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    Chinese Script Traditionalism

    介紹 (Introduction)

    漢字傳統主義是一種非象限的保守思想。 他唯一的目標是恢復和維持中文繁體字在國內外的主流使用。


    Chinese Script Traditionalism is a non-quadrant conservative ideology. His only goal is to restore and maintain the mainstream use of the Traditional Chinese script, both in China and abroad.

    He strongly opposes the national use of Simplified Chinese (and to an extent, Mandarin) under the CCP, seeing it as destruction of Chinese Traditional culture.

    性格 (Personality)

    漢字傳統主義的行為像一位老智者。 他經常回憶起中華民國和中國皇朝的輝煌歲月。他熱愛中國的傳統文化。他也非常喜歡寫毛筆字。

    Chinese Script Traditionalism has the behavior of an old wise man. He frequently reminisces about the glory days of the Republic of China and the imperial dynasties. He loves Chinese traditional culture. He also really likes doing calligraphy.

    關係 (Relations)

    積極 (Positive)

    • 語言保守主義 - 繁體字必須生存下去。 (The Traditional script must live on.)
    • 語言民族主義 - 漢字是中華民族身份的一部分,不能放棄。 (The Chinese script is part of the Chinese national identity and cannot be given up.)
    • 中華神權 - 我永遠不會忘記中國以前的輝煌。 (I will never forget China's former glory.)
    • 台灣 - 謝謝你讓繁體字在台灣繼續存在。 (Thank you for letting the Traditional script live on in Taiwan to this day.)
    • 香港 - 香港做得更好;不僅繼續在用繁體字,也沒放棄本地的粵語。 (Hong Kong has done even better; not only have they continued using the Traditional script, they have also not given up their local Cantonese language.)

    中性 (Mixed)

    • 奶茶聯盟 - 謝謝你在社交媒體上用繁體字,但你同時也太西化了。 (Thank you for using the Traditional script on social media, but you are also too westernized.)
    • 普通話傳播 - 你想在國外傳播中文的意志是好的,但你傳播的中文通常用的是簡體字、普通話,都是中國共產黨產出的假貨。 (Your will to spread the Chinese language abroad is good, but the Chinese you spread usually uses the simplified script and Mandarin, which are both fraudulent products made by the CCP.)

    消極 (Negative)

    • 毛澤東 - 對中國文化,尤其中國的語言文字,犯下了許多暴行。 (Committed many atrocities against Chinese culture, especially the Chinese script.)
    • 鄧小平理論者 - 沒有採取任何措施來扭轉毛澤東對漢字的摧毀。 (Did nothing to reverse Mao's destruction of the Chinese script.)


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