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    The Chinese New Left is a term used in the People's Republic of China to describe a diverse range of left-wing political philosophies that emerged in the 1990s that are critical of the economic reforms instituted under Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, which emphasized policies of market liberalization and privatization to promote economic growth and modernization. They tend to have a strong dislike for the Chinese government which they perceive to be socialist in name only and have a particular grudge against Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and Wen Jiabao whom they argue were ready to sell out China to global capitalism and western imperialism. However, some Chinese Leftists such as Jiang Shigong hold positive views of Xi Jinping for his anti-corruption campaign and for standing up to the west.





    • Maoism - Biggest idol. Your legacy shall be restored.
    • Socialism - What China need to re-embrace.
    • National Communism - China must not give up its sovereignty and become a proxy of Western imperialism.
    • Bo Xilai Thought (Before 2014) - Best Chinese politician in modern history. You achieved wonders in Chongqing. Your arrest was unjustified.


    • Anti-Dengism - Not all modern Chinese politicians are bad. I mostly despise Jiang Zemin and the Hu-Wen Administration. Bo Xilai and Xi Jinping are ok.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Even though I despise Dengoid authoritarian capitalism. We're not the same as you want to sell China out to the West. Also, freedom of speech is cringe and the CPC is right to ban Western media to prevent NED-backed color revolutions.
    • Chinese Neoconservatism - Chen Yun and Li Peng may have been revisionist national bourgeoisie but they also dealt properly with the Western-backed color revolution of 1989 and resisted the neo-liberalization of China until Zhu Rongji ruined everything.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - I'm mixed on you. Purging Bo Xilai was cringe but you're still far better than your predecessors and I like how you stand up to the west.
    • Putinism - On one hand you're an opportunist authcap like Jiang which is cringe, but you also stand up for your country like Xi against NATO imperialists which is worthy of my respect.
    • Fourth Theory - A multipolar world to counter US hegemony sounds based but reviving the Russian Empire isn't. And you're allied with Western conservatives and alt-right who want to ally with Russia to contain China.


    • Huism - Soros-backed libtard nation traitor who destroyed Mao's legacy.
    • Three Represents - Western-backed tinpot dictator who sold China out to the global capitalist system. I'm glad that Xi got rid of you.
    • Scientific Outlook on Development - Same as above. Your concept of a Harmonious Society was a scam to persecute dissidents and I won't forgive what you did to Bo Xilai and the rest of my followers. Your rule will forever be remembered as the lost decade.
    • Neoconservatism - Western imperialist cuck who pretends to care about human rights abuses in China but only wants traitors like Jiang and Hu to keep our nation week and allow international corporations to exploit Chinese workers. Luckily Xi for all his flaws is finally taking a stand against the US-centred neoliberal world order and is unfairly demonized for it.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Literally Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao!
    • Neoliberalism - Screw you Zhu Rongji for the privatization of SOE dismantling the Iron Rice Bowl pushing millions of workers into unemployment and a life of crime.
    • Corporatocracy - All international corporations should be expelled from China and domestic plutocrats such as Wang Jianlin, Jack Ma, and Terry Gou should face the wall ASAP. At least Cisco and Microsoft helped create the great firewall
    • Nixonism and Kissingerism - Contrary to what state media is telling you were never friends of the Chinese people, only the Chinese Compradore Bourgeoisie
    • Falun Gong Theocracy - Reactionary, identitarian cult backed by neocons wanting to divide China! The only good thing Jiang did was outlaw your death cult.
    • Liu Xiaobo Thought - Hu and Xi were too soft on you, western imperialist simp.
    • Japanese Liberal Democracy - Modern Showaism without your father's only redeeming quality as you turned Japan into US-proxy state and military base for the Yankees to exploit as an anti-communist stronghold in the Asia-Pacific. Shinzo Abe deserved the bullet.

    Further Information

    1. While Bo Xilai was idolized by Chinese leftists when he was Communist Party Secretary of Chongqing he is largely forgotten and rarely talked about since Xi became paramount leader due to censorship. Many just think of him as another corrupt official who lost a power struggle.
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