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    Not to be confused with Irish Blueshirtism.
    "Hey buddy work on this page and it could be a page on the main wiki." - Neo-Slavery
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    Chinese Blueshirtism is an authoritarian unity ideology developed in the early 1930's in the Republic of China that combines the principles of Tridemism and Fascism.


    Although in its early stage the society's most important members came from the Whampoa Military Academy, and constituted elements of the KMT's Whampoa Clique, by the 1930s its influence extended into the military and political spheres, and had influenced China's economy and society. The rise and fall of the Blue Shirt Society were rapid, but obscure, and were seldom mentioned again by either the KMT or the Communist Party of China after the establishment of the People's Republic of China and the following KMT's retreat to Taiwan.

    After Dai Li’s death and the defeat of the nationalists in the Chinese civil war, few surviving members of the Blue Shirts Society fled to Taiwan. The remanent of the Blue Shirts Society became the hardliners of the KMT and were the most vocal opponents of Chiang Ching-kuo ’s democratization reforms.

    In recent years, Xi-era China and its pinkie fans have been accused of being fascist, implying followers of Blueshirtism persisted on the mainland and infiltrated the CCP.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Chinese Blueshirtism
    1. Draw a triangle.
    2. Fill it with blue.
    3. Draw a fasces in the middle.
    4. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #000096 0, 0, 150
    Beige #CDAE73 205, 174, 115
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



    • Corporatism - 3rd position gang.
    • Blueshirtism - Irish homonym.
    • Tridemism - 國父 孫中山先生萬歲(Praise Sun Yat-Sen.)
    • Fascism - Literally me but not applied to China. Mussolini is epic and Fascist Italy was glorious.
    • Welfare Chauvinism - Dad, you're a bit too moderate, but I like your ideas.
    • Pekerism - My Turkish counterpart.
    • Francoism - Authoritarianism, traditionalism, hypernationalism and fervent conservatism? BASED. What should have embraced.
    • Illuminatism - A Fellow Triangle. Wait... Why are you telling me I have to secretly rule the world


    • Social Georgism - Grandfather, who has some okay ides, but is far too weak.
    • Chiang Kai-Shek Thought - I loved you so much dad. Why did you just abort me?
    • Wang Jingwei Thought - We have many similarities, but why did you become a filthy weeb?
    • Pinkieism - Your ideals are really good, but you simp for commies.
    • Xinjiangian System - Still claims to be connected to Mao, but he agrees with me on police power and Han supremacy. Such a shame you did not replace Xi (yet). Can you also please calm down? I only want Chinese fascism, not Chinese Burgundian System.


    • Showa Statism - Hands off China, Japanese scums!
    • Maoism - Commie + Anti-Axis = Double-cringe!
    • Dengism - Maybe less commie but still anti-axis and also you hate Chiang Kai-Shek and still simp for Mao. But Xi is still kinda the best paramount leader among all CCP leaders.
    • Milk Tea Alliance - He is not the "Chinazi". I am.
    • Chiang Ching-kuo Thought - With great respect, your democratization and Taiwanization were simply wrong. You should have listened to us to throw the commie separatist opposition as fish food as your father did! You also made a huge mistake to promote this former communist traitor.
    • Taiwanese Separatism and Commie Bandit Spies - More fish food.

    Further Information




    1. "Spymaster Dai Li and the Chinese Secret Service" by Frederic Wakeman Jr., Amazon.com.
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