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    Neo-Cherryism refers to the political, religious, and philosophical beliefs of Sam Cherry as of April 16th 2022



    Something something something Hail Woden Ave Jupiter what have you fill this out later

    Drug Use

    Drugs are cool. And fun. Why are they illegal? Jews (government) hate fun. It's as shrimple as that.


    14 words. Ayup.

    Pragmatist/Idealist Balance

    Neither can survive without the other. You have too many pragmatists you end up like modern China, you have too many idealists you don't get anything done and fizzle out. I personally fall towards the center-pragmatist side, but understand the value of the other stance.


    Believe it or not, technology is actually pretty cool. The only reason that technology is causing societal disruption currently is because it's moving too fast, so long as it moves slow enough for the Elders of each generation to have valuable wisdom instead of being completely out of touch technological progress is very much a good thing. Despite this, we should be as un-reliant on technology as possible. Bronze age values in a world of shining towers. Our future lies in the Stars and Scrapers above, not huddled around a mud hut in the woods.

    Just Don't Think About It

    People are too serious, they stop and nit pick and analyze every single little detail of every word your say or thing you do calm down man. You're never going to make it if you're so caught up in all of it. Stop and smell the roses, take a second to realize that you're above it all, Live, Laugh, Love. Life is a gift, infinite or finite, cyclical or linear, we should cherish it, be grateful that we get to experience it. Don't worry about the suffering, if we could not suffer, we could not rejoice. Stop and smell the roses, it's better that way.


    The ultimate goal is Sol Punk, which is like Solarpunk but instead of being gay lefty drivel it's based epic and literally just has White Nationalism tacked on with no other changes. That's it. Solarpunk for Whites. Show's over, go home.



    • Noctuaism - Shoutout to a real wigga 💯
    • Potashism - This page is cringe, but knowing what I know... 😁
    • Naroism - Either a fed or severely autistic, either way a pleasant chap to speak with and close both religiously and ideologically. Demiurge isn't evil btw
    • Ganzism - Let's kill Italophobes together some time
    • Wallism - We've never spoken, but from the unformatted wall of buzzwords that your page is and what I remember of it from Old Wiki, I can only assume you're a very based person and enjoyable to speak with
    • Alacholism - Yeah I'm under 21. Yeah I've got some wine brewing in my bedroom. Yeah I'm using bread yeast. Sue me libshits 😎



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