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    "Help" - Still-Being-Drawnism
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    So basically, our good friend Nourishismicon.png Caressism got a little horny and decide to fiddle with Quarkism's girlfriend, Cheesef.png Cheese, and somehow, despite Cheese being the one thumping File:Quarkism.png Quarkism, Cheese got impregnated by both Caressism and Quarkism resulting in the birth of two siblings, Cheesy Quarkism, and Cheesy Caressism.


    After the birth of Cheesy Caressism and their sibling, Cheesy Quarkism, Quarkism and Cheese were very worried, what would they ever do with these poor children!? How would they ever tell Caressism? As it turns out, Caressism saw the poor children and the poor parents and decided to show some compassion and take in and raise the two children in a nice and cozy home. Oh and also Caressism taught them about how they came into this world and the two siblings became traumatized.


    Cheesy Caressism believes that his father, Caressism is a good, caring ideology, and wants to be just like him, except they'll use the big government funds to give everyone free cheese.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Childish and silly, but also empathetic and understanding.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Cheesy Caressism

    Detail, step by step, how to draw this ideology. If there are multiple designs, make multiple sections. If possible, add flags for each design.

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Colour 1 Name 255,255,255 #FFFFFF




    • Who are they neutral about?


    • WIP

    Further Information

    Add some out-of-wiki links about this ideology, if there are any. They can be anything from wikipedia to reddit.


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