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    This page is dead, check RK Thought on Free PCB to see my new ideology


    Cheese Communism, or Kaneism to some of his friends, is an economically far-left, culturally far-left ideology that advocates for the gradual destruction of capitalist oppression tools such as private property, class, currency, reactionary elements of religion, and the state. Cheese Communism is generally libertarian when it comes to civil rights, being in favor of policies such as drug legalization and replacement of criminal punishment with rehabilitation. However, when it comes to political rights, Cheese Communism is strongly in favor of a one party New Democracy (so, a dictatorship) in which capitalist parties are banned. This is to ensure the upholding of revolutionary values. Cheese Communism is strongly in favor of equality of all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. However, zoophilia and pedophilia will not be tolerated and will require rehabilitation. Also, Fascists and private property owners will be actively suppressed, punished, and re-educated for their disgusting acts and opinions. On an international scale, Cheese Communism is generally in favor of a combination between Alter-Globalization and Left-Wing Nationalism. He believes that the world should cooperate together to help the people and to achieve socialism, but if your country is socialist then you should be very proud of it. Also, Cheese Communism believes that you should be proud of your culture and heritage but not believe it is superior in any way. When it comes to environmental issues, Cheese Communism is generally in favor of protection of the environment but still thinks that production is important. He believes that advancing technology is the best way to achieve greater environmental health.

    Social Views

    Recreational Drugs and Alcohol

    Generally speaking, recreational drugs is capitalist degeneracy used for people to cope with having a shitty life because they live in a shitty system. However, most of them should be legal and cheap, with free harm reduction, safety programs, and anti-drug and alcohol propaganda added. Extreme drugs like fentanyl and synthetic marijuana should be illegal, and more natural drugs should be allowed, such as cocaine and marijuana. Only the state should be allowed to sell drugs, as is with everything else, and anyone caught selling, sharing, or producing drugs would face punishment. There would be an age restriction on purchasing and handling drugs, only those 18 or over. Recreational drugs could be sold in normal pharmacies, however, it would be sold in a separate, blocked off area where you must show ID to go back and shop.

    Sex Work and other Sexual Acts

    Similar to my views on drugs,


    LGBTQ+ people deserve just as many rights and benefits as cis and hetero people. No one should be discriminated against for how they want to identify. There can be as many genders as one wants or thinks. This is because gender is a social construct, not a natural state of affairs. Gender is not a biological thing, but rather a societal thing. Sex is biological. Species is biological. Which is why zoophilia is not acceptable because attempting to engage in sexual acts with another species goes against nature. One may argue that homosexual acts also go against nature, but there are several other species that engage in sexual acts with those of the same sex.

    On Various Genocides, Mass Killings, and Famines

    The Holodomor

    The Holodomor was not a genocide and many scholars have points to prove this. Suck my nuts Libs.

    The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was one of the worst events to ever occur in human history. Oppression of Jews, homosexuals, and other minorities had been highly present before, but not this violent or widespread. The bloodiest war of all time was produced out of the Holocaust, and this was one of the only justified wars in history. Defeating Hitler was a must, he was one of the most evil men to live.

    American Genocide of Natives



    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - So fucking based, I have barely any critiques. If I lived in Asia, I would be a guerilla right now.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Based ideology which has guided the most successful socialist nations. That being said, Marxism-Leninism can often be blind to revisionism and support nations like China and Laos without regard for their modern leaders and party.
    • Guevarism - Guerilla warfare is based, and you're kinda like the in between of Marxism-Leninism and Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, which is also pretty cool.


    • Democratic Confederalism - Free my guy Öcalan! Democratic Confederalism is a great ideology, just needs a little more central authority in order to stay cohesive. What's this I hear about Rojava being a US comprador???


    • Anarcho-Communism - Anarchism is unrealistic, it is impossible to simply abolish the state. However, it is important to work with other leftists to some extent. I am willing to organize and revolt with anarchists but Marxism is inherently more logical.
    • Hoxhaism - Anti-revisionism and pro-Stalin is hella based, as well as having the best LGTBQ rights in Europe in the Cold War. But cool it on the dogmatism. Also, the Sino-Albanian split was cringe and persecuting religious people is a little too far.
    • Titoism - You united the Balkans and gave fascists the pit. However, Mr. Josip also broke ties with Stalin and became a revisionist, and then proceeded to infight with Hoxha constantly.


    • Dengism - Traitor! You reversed Mao's progress and returned capitalism to China. And you killed genuine Marxists in Tiananmen Square! Still better than the average US president though, at least you kept some of the social programs.
    • Khrushchevism - Another revisionist, but not as bad as that cuck Gorbachev who fucked the Soviet Union into the grave. You're more a non-Marxist socialist than anything, no true Marxist-Leninist is anti-Stalin.
    • Stasserism - Breaking away from Hitler and focusing more on socialism is based. However, you are still anti-semitic, conservative, and ultranationalist which is why I can't rank you any higher.

    Worst Enemies

    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Capitalism needs a state to exist. The name anarcho-capitalism in of itself is an oxymoron, anarchism is naturally a leftist movement. I'm no anarchist so I can't really critique you on anarchist principle, but you still want to live a capitalist life with a lack of empathy, ethics, and morals.
    • Nazism - Nazi Germany was the worst regime to ever exist. No one should be attacked for their religion, sexuality, race, or other factors that they cannot control. Also, persecuting Marxists is highly cringe.
    Keep in mind that this is just a judgement of ideology and not the person themself

    S Tier

    • Atronism - Based! You are basically me.
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - Quite based ideology.
    • Iberian Communism - Very based and has great art.
    • Neo-Kiraism - Fellow hater of Pol Pot. One critique I have is that an E-Direct Democracy may not be achievable as of modern day due to hackers and some people just preferring representatives, but I think it would be great in the future.

    A Tier

    B Tier

    • Jefbol Thought - I'm not the biggest fan of De Leonism and other ideologies who use unions as a form of organization. Overall a good ideology though, I like your criticism of Hedonism.


    • O'Langism - You're a leftist but a strong transition state is needed. Also, violence is necessary during the revolution and should be encouraged in order to crush the bourgeois.
    • Welfare Confederalism - You're SO close to being a socialist. Read some Lenin and you'll be there.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - Your radicalization is looking rather based, but take the vangaurd party route and not the union and worker council route.

    C Tier

    • Glencoeism - No cap on a stack you are probably one of the most based liberals. I love the fact that you want to nationalize some of the most corrupt industries like pharmaceuticals.

    D Tier

    DragonRed - Unironic Nazbol with weird ass moral views when compared to political views. Hedonism and Red Fascism do not seem compatible whatsoever.

    E Tier

    F Tier


    I would arrange them for other things. This is my current ideology. you can check.


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