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    Chcknwngs Thought is an economically and culturally center-right, civically liberal (even if it believes in the paradox of tolerance) ideology based around the user Chcknwngs.

    Political Journey

    • (2001-2011) - A kid that didn't know much.
    • (2011-2016) - First exposure to nationalism and taking interest in history.
    • (2016-2018) - An Anti-SJW/Manosphere phase.
    • (2018-2020) - Post-alt-lite de-radicalization.
    • (2020-2022) - Covid and pre-invasion period.
    • (2022-) - YOU ARE HERE.

    Political figures




    Nuff said.


    The environment is an important issue, and climate change issue must be taken seriously, because it not only harms the nation, but also tourism money is imporant for the economy.


    It sees Social Market Economy as the perfect economic model, but with fair taxes and regulations. While being pro-capitalist and pro-privatization, it also supports nationalization of SOME industries in order to protect employees from expoitation.

    If the tax rate is above 15% then it is theft.

    Cultural views

    Unironic ProgCon. Mostly conservative views with some progressivism sprinkled around (especially when it comes down to LGBT+ and abortions). According to him, traditions are important for us and it's what makes us human.

    Has a disdain for reactionaries, as he thinks they won't even last a day in their medieval fantasy world or something. But hey, at least there's no homogay am I right?

    Civic liberties

    Unironic fan of NAP (non-agression principle). He believes that everyone should do whatever they want as long as it doen't hurt the ones around them.

    Staunch believer in the paradox of tolerance. He believes that most authoritarians and/or their sympathizers (usually tankies, alt-rightoids, genocide deniers, ultranationalist trash, etc.) hide behind the banner of "free speech" when they're being silenced.

    Views on LGBT+

    Neither hardcore "TrAnS rIgHtS" nor "HaNg aLl f**S". He simply acknowledges their existence. If you're a guy who's into guys, a girl who's into girls or into both, then he ABSOLUTELY doesn't care as long as you don't revolve your personality around your sexuality.


    He is usually nationalist, but is a fan of Civic Nationalism and thinks integration or even assimilation is important.

    Foreign relations

    He used to be pro-EU, but over time he became eurosceptic, as he thinks the EU is turning more into an empire, restricting the governments and intervening in the economy of its member-states and forcing globalist beliefs over national.

    Has a disdain for Russia and thinks they're a bad influence on Ukraine and thus we would be better off without them.

    He supports Ukraine's admission to NATO not only for the modernization of military, but simply to severely cripple Russia's influence over the region.




    • Proto-Chcknwngs Thought - It was 2016 and I almost fell into the Alt-Right pipeline. I watched lots of SJW cringe compilations, was subbed to r/CringeAnarchy (RIP) and even manosphere subs. Yeah, those were some weird and dark times.
    • Libertarianism - Great domestic policy, good economics but laissez-faire is cringe and ABSOLUTE HORSESHIT of a foreign policy.
    • Zelenskyism - Your presidency is a joke, but since r*ssia attacked us it's important that you won't fuck this up. So far you're okay, but you fucked up hard in 2019-21.
    • Neoconservatism - I'm against all the warmongering. But despite all that, I support admition to NATO and I kinda like Ronald Reagan to some extent. Also, close the sky you pussies.
    • Third Way - Honestly, I like it minus the progressivism part. Sad to see that it's got a reputation of a "progressive neocon".
    • National Liberalism - Me. My actual ideology, but got butchered by populists like Farage and Wilders, and also by the Alt-Right crowd over time.
    • Paternalistic Conservatism - Alright most of the time, but can get crazy with the regulations and spending.
    • National Conservatism - As much as I am for muh nation and muh tradishn, I'm not insane. V'yacheslav Chornovil is a hero and Kuchma's administration killed him!
    • Liberal Conservatism - Too moderate and I'm not a fan of cuckservatives. Poroshenko is a hypocrite.
    • Anarcho-Pacifism - Good luck with that, I guess...


    • Alt-Shite - Garbage people who ruin every moderate right-wing movement they touch.
    • Alt-Right - You're not very different from mainstream neo-nazis, so what's so alternative about you anyway?
    • ⛱️ Sand - Coarse, rough, irritating and gets everywhere. You destroyed Anakin's life and I hate Rey for burying his lightsaber in it!
    • Marxism–Leninism - Thanks for destroying my country with your centralized, russophilic, paternalistic degeneracy for decades to come.
    • Leninism - haha chlenin statues go bye-bye. haha renaming cities, towns and streets goes brrrrrrrrrr
    • Austrolibertarianism - I don't really hate this idea, I just think they're too utopian. Sure, excessive regulations are harmful for businesses, but no regulations can lead to monopolization of the economy and eventually to corporatocracy. Yet at the same time thay claim to hate it. Weird.
    • Irredentism - Just pointless. There are barely any ukrainians left in Zakerzonie and Kuban, with most of them assimilating in polish and russian cultures, respectively. I respect those countries' territorial sovereignity so in return, please respect ours.
    • Poroshenko - He's just Yanukovych with pro-EU views. Corruption is still going strong, war is pretty much frozen as he thought he could negotiate with putin and that's why it keeps dragging on, and the economy is ruined. An extremely dissapointing president. And now we have to deal with the moron Ze.
    • Medvedchuk - Human garbage. That's all I have to say.
    • Fascism, Nazism, Whiggerism, Ultranationalism, Schizoism - Brainlets who give nationalism a bad name. If you are one unironically, then do your race a favor and kill yourself so that there will be less degenerates like you in this world go stand in the corner and rethink your life.
    • Manosphere - Insufferable cunts. All of them.
    • Men's Liberation - Nah I'm good.
    • Populism - Good ideas. Now please implement them or shut up!
    • Right-Wing Populism - muh nation, muh western civilization, muh race... yeah yeah stop yapping and fuck off.
    • Kleptocracy and Oligarchy - The ones who actually deserve the PHYSICAL REMOVAL treatment.
    • Pan-Nationalism - Imperialism in denial.
    • Pan-Slavism - They're nothing more than a bunch of russophile cucks.


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