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    Chauvinist Mattism is the chauvinist version of Mattism. It is a culturally right ideology, economically third-positionist, civically authoritarian, and ethnic nationalist ideology.

    Sec.png Government Sec.png

    Chauvinist Mattism government is civically authoritarian, rejecting democracy entirely. The government would function like an oligarchy, with a few select people in power.

    WelfChauvin.png Economics WelfChauvin.png

    Chauvinist Mattism is economically third-positionist, adopting social corporatism as the economic framework for the economy in a capitalist economy, and is center-left.

    Trad.png Culture Trad.png

    Chauvinist Mattism is culturally right-wing. It doesn't believe in LGBT rights, abortion, or personal culture in-general. It wants to conserve the culture and ethnicity of the country.

    Eccon.png Environmentalism Eccon.png

    Chauvinist Mattism is an environmentalist ideology, and wants to enact policies that don't harm the environment.

    Laicism.png Religion Laicism.png

    Chauvinist Mattism is culturally secular, and believes religion should be only a private affair. In this regard, it supports Laicism.

    Ultranat.png Foreign Policy Ultranat.png

    Chauvinist Mattism is very nationalistic in this regard, along with being an ethnonationalist ideology, it seeks complete isolation from the rest of the world and any international organizations. As expected, it is very protectionist when it comes to trade, and very intolerant for foreign influence. On immigration, it supports closed borders to protect the ethnic native population from foreign influence, and doesn't allow for immigration or migration of its population.




    • Fash.png Fascism - Way to intense for me. still incredibly based though
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Based economics, but why are you such a push over?


    • World.png Globalists - WILL NOT HAPPEN!
    • Sep.png Seperatism - NO ONE IS SEPERATING FROM MY COUNTRY!
    • Multicult.png Multiculturalism - Keep your degenerate cultures out of my country.
    • Dem.png Democracy - The fact that you think the general populace is smart enough to be in government is funny.


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