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    Chapter one Capturing To Death

    the start CBallfanon-East Jalang.png - I finally captured Austria-Hungary let's see how they're doing Cball-AustriaHungary.png - what are you going to do to me CBallfanon-East Jalang.png - you will find out put chain and ball on Austria-Hungary File:Prisoned Austria-Hungary.png - I can't move fast CBallfanon-East Jalang.png - because I put a chain in ball on you

    30 minutes later

    Britain and France arrive at East Jalang's house

    • File:UK cball.png Cball-France.png Rings doorbell
    • CBallfanon-East Jalang.png hello welcome to my house
    • File:UK cball.png greetings were here for Austria-Hungary
    • CBallfanon-East Jalang.png hmmm okay he's in my basement I'll take you over there
    • CBallfanon-East Jalang.png here's my basement I put him in a chain ball
    • File:Prisoned Austria-Hungary.png oh no Britain and France are here
    • File:UK cball.png yep were here we're going to put you in our truck your buddy Germany is in there
    • Cball-France.png I'm also here to not to mention you are going on the death penalty with Germany
    • File:Prisoned Austria-Hungary.png what are you going to do with me
    • Cball-France.png we're going to take you to the prison where you and Germany will be killed enough fussing get in the car

    after they got to the prison

    after their nonsense discussion

    • File:UK cball.png hey France
    • Cball-France.png yeah UK
    • File:UK cball.png do you think it's time to execute Austria-Hungary and German Empire
    • Cball-France.png yep it's time get them out of their cells and put them in their chain balls and take them to

    execution room

    File:UK cball.png it's time here we go I will stab them with Spears File:Austria-Hungary and German Empire -Dead-.png File:UK cball.png they didn't say a word well their dead that's the end of the chapter

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